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  • When: 05/23/16
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  • QIC: Sargento/Whoopee
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Outhouse, Pizza Man, Freight, ToolTime, Quiche, Stroganoff, JK2, Sargento, Whoopee

Well, Sept 9 will be here sooner than it seems, so we met to discuss the logistics for BRR for GasHouse. (Un)fortunately we have about 16 guys who have expressed some interest and only 12 can be on the team. Based on level of interest we have a tentative starting lineup hoping that those who have expressed interest but are not on the initial roster would be willing to fill in if needed. I really don’t like being the one to deliver this news and hope no one is offended. It just came down to a group decision based on perceived level of interest. I will go ahead and apologize if anyone feels left out and I am willing to take the blame if anyone is upset.

That being said, we had a great meeting and accomplished a lot. Sargento had done a lot of recon prior to this meeting and with his running experience (along with Outhouse and Quiche) offered a lot of tips for those of us who are more distance-challenged. I did check the rule books, and NO, you cannot use wheelies ToolTme. May need to re-think your choice of legs you will be running….

Here is what I remember:

Leave Thurs pm prob around 3-6pm (to be decided closer to race date) and drive to camping spot. I will look into camping sites for 14 semi-adults. Bring your own gear. If we get there soon enough there is an all-you-can eat spaghetti dinner waiting for us at cost of $10/person based on previous year information.

Pizza Man/Freight will schedule 2 separate workouts to include Day 1 AM, Day 1 PM, and Day 2 AM running workouts (2 back to back weekends for each separate workout so if 1 weekend is bad, the next option is likely to work) probable in late June and July/Aug. Should hear something soon so you can make plans.

Drivers will be Mayor and Bandit

Random Things:

2 blinkers per runner, everyone get their own reflective vest, need a headlamp or small mag lite to carry with you, no headphones, no alcohol, at least 2 pairs of running shoes, get the mileage in each week with some planned hill workouts. Should be doing 10-12 miles per week or more now and increase by at least a mile or 2 each week with 1 long run each week (start approx 5+ miles and increase each week). Check with Quiche, Sargento, Defib, or OutHouse if any questions or look up half or full marathon running training programs on your 2.0’s computer at home.

Consider finding 2-4 other guys on the list and form a smaller running group to keep each other accountable-show some initiative and ask someone to be part of your group so everyone is involved together. If I am posting at any F3 workout I am willing to come in for EC before so message me a day or 2 beforehand and I can let you know if I will be there (?5am).

Here is the list and again, sorry if you were interested but are not on this list. Hopefully if you are needed you will consider joining the team. This was a tough decision. I will put the list in order so you can see what legs you are running. You can check the Blue Ridge Relay 2016 website for more details on your legs.

Stroganoff: 1,13, 25

Monk: 2,14, 26

Defib; 3,15, 27

Pizza Man: 4, 16, 28

Tool Time: 5,17, 29

Freight: 6,18, 30

Dolph: 7, 19, 31

Quiche: 8, 20, 32

Outhouse: 9, 21, 33

JK2: 10, 22, 34

Sargento: 11, 23, 35

Whoopee: 12, 24, 36

Potential Subs include the following:Spiderman, Classified Omelet, JoBu, E4, Def Leopard.

Looking forward to this CSAUP!! Gonna be a blast. Maybe 2 teams next year?