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  • When: 5-24-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Outhouse
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Stroganoff, Whoopee, JK2, Brown Streak, Mayor, Bandit, Radar, Madoff, Woman Woman , T Square, Sargento

A little over a year ago made my first F3 post at the Storm. Though it would be a good opportunity for a work out of all the exercises that I dislike.

To the surprise of the PAX I was able to locate some cinder  blocks to add to the joy of the morning.

Warm Up

SSHx 25

Imperial Walkerx25

Moroccan Night Clubx25

Flutter KickX25




Mosey around parking lot which was out track for the day for one lap.

Back at start partner up for some fun

  1. Lunge walk the 400 meters with block. Partner A lunge walk while B takes a lap switching spots as you catch each other for one lap.  (long way)
  2. After a short recover grab block and mosey to far corner swapping block with partner as need.
  3. Circle up for a few exercises 1. 30 x squat with block 2. 10 knee jump tucks 3. 25 x mt climbers 4. 20 x merkins 5. LBC x 20 6. 15x Hip Slapper
  4. Mosey up to Baseball field and rinse and repeat changing the last exercise to 10 Burpee OYO

Stack the blocks and mosey back to lot for some COT.

Still had a min so we caught 50x flutter IC to finish up.



T Square

Outhouse Dad

Shrimp Boat on up coming trip