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  • When: 05/19/16
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  • QIC: Freight
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  • PAX: Pizza Man, Tool time, Slaw, Def Leopard, Floppy Disk

So I’m writing this BB 2 days after the workout. Thus the tittle. It always hits you more the 2nd day! I went into this one with very little planned. After doing this enough a plan isn’t always needed. I loaded up some coupons figuring I could get them mixed in if needed. We ended having an even 6 so it worked out for some sort of Dora.


SSH x 15ic

Hillbillies x 10ic

Toy Soldiers x 10ic

There was some mumble chatter about Duke and UNC so it was felt that evil needed to be worked out of Def Leopard so 10 Bobby Hurley’s were called. This happened periodically during the workout.

The Thang:

Partner up with a coupon, 2 groups had blocks and the toughest group grabbed the 40 lbs kettle bell.

Partner 1 runs down the parking lot and back Partner 2 does the exercise and switch. You know the drill.

1st -150 curls 2nd- 200 LBC’s 3rd-200 squats 4th-100 upright rows 5th- 75? roll up V ups

Circled up for Ryder Merkins x 5ic, Diamond Merkins x 10ic, CDD x 15ic

YHC then asked for request. Tooltime said running because he knows Floppy Disk hates it. Floppy Disk said Zombie Walk. So I like to please everyone so we sprinted part of the way through the parking lot then finished it off with a Zombie Walk. We slow moseyed back to the start and did some Fiddler crab walks.


Announcements-Belmont startup June 11th, Belmont 5K 5/28, F3 Dads at South MTN



A great workout came out of nowhere today. It is great to meet up with your brothers and push one another like this. Special welcome to Slaw who just joined this past Saturday and came out to Midoriyama this week. Great to have you brother. Good Work!