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  • When: 05/21/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Brownstreak
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Def Lepperd, Slaw, Feelgood, Tool Time, Da Vinci, Squirt, McKenney, JJ, Madoff, Monk, T-Square, Hushpuppy, Flush, Dutchoven, Linus, Quiche, JK2, Sargento, Brownstreak, Bruce (FNG), Siren (FNG), Chernobyl (FNG), Spud (FNG), McEnroe (FNG), Ashpond (FNG), Blark (FNG)

27 pax dared to show their face this morning. One things for sure I was not expecting that! Which 10 or 11 at 3rd F before the workout I was shocked to see the cars roll in. We had some visitors from Stanley come join us this Morning (Slaw and Def Leppard and 2 of the 7 FNGs). Tool Time had a crew with him accounting for 4 FNGs and 1 loner FNG. 27 was the final number at start time. So with conversations flying around and others starting rumors of a beatdown it was TIME TO START!

Disclaimer for all but really for the FNGs. You know the speech. Do what you can, listen to your body, I’m an idiot……..


10ic windmills, 20ic Moroccan Night a clubs, mosey around parking lot with High knees, butt kicks, side steps both sides. Then a mosey to the flag for pledge.

The Thang:

We started the work out straight from the pledge flag. We had a lot of ground to cover and a lot of exercises to hit. The goal was a 1,000 reps of different exercises. So with the goal and location mapped out we was off.

We took off toward Ollies parking lot. We stopped three times just to keep everyone together and to start on those reps.

Made it to Ollies parking lot and used the endless lot of aisles to continue the ground coverage and reps. Up and down each aisle with 25 reps of called exercise. Too many to remember but you get the idea.

After making it about 8 rows in time was getting away from us. We started back toward the museum. Stopping along the way again to keep everyone together and to keep getting reps.

We make it back to the museum and circle up. Tool time yells out BURPEES!!! No!!! No Burpees were done in this work out. Through out the morning they was called out but NO. I promised no Burpees and I was keeping my promise. By this time it was TIME to end.



We lost a FNG early, not sure what happened but hope he comes back out.

I want to give a shout out to Da Vinci. He really pushed it today and never stopped. Well done Sir!!! Everyone did great as well. A lot of ground covered. We did 3.27 miles and 500 reps of 20 different exercises. Always a honor to lead this group. Til next time!!

For the record. I mentioned visitors from Stanley. I have to admit that I got Stanley and Shelby mixed up but none the less it was great to have return guys with FNGs.