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  • When: 05-12-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Gumby
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Huckelberry, Dolph, Garfield, Sparky

5 pax showed up for Q number 2 from YHC.

Started with a short disclaimer as there were no fng’s today.

Warmup; SSH,LBC, Hillbillys, Toe raises, all exercises x15 IC.


Mosey to bottom of parking lot and start the late week beatdown.  This set started at bottom of parking lot working our way up the hill with 5 different exercises. Started with CDD, then Freddie Mercury, Clock Merkins, LBC’s, and Squat’s at the top of the lot all exercises x20 OYO. Mosey back down the hill and mosey 1 lap around the parking lot. Repeato. Get to bottom shelter and start the benchwork with dips, stepups, and Derkins all x15 IC. Repeato. Oops still have time left so we mosey to amphitheater for some flutterkicks and stepups on the wall x10 IC. YHC asks pax for an exercise and burpee’s and BTTW hip slappers were done IC. With time running out we mosey back to do COT.

announcements, prayer request, namorama

Great job guys! Thanks for the opportunity.