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  • When: 05/14/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Roscoe & Bandit
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Boss Hogg (War Daddy, Respect), Hush Puppy, El Tigre (Respect), JJ, Goose (War Baby, Triple Hate), Hambone, Pinky, Slaw (FNG), Def Leppard (Respect), Flush (Respect), Dr. Feelgood, WTR (Respect), Billy Madison, McKenney, MS DOS (FNG), Roscoe, Bandit

There was no devious, contemplated pain plan in play this morning, just a regular, old-fashioned tag team beatdown. Although there was some rivalrous banter on the Twitter Machine (Roscoe vs. The Bandit), in the end there was no clear looser (except #fartsackers). Everyone who posted to Gashouse left better than they when the arrived. Great to have friends from Mountain Island Lake (El Tigre, Pinky and Hambone) and 2 FNGs join us today.

Bandit took the lead to warm up the crowd with 20-rep sets of SSH, Mericans (recent neglect of upper body workouts apparent, and the PAX notice EVERYTHING), Imperial Walkers, Peter Parkers and Toy Soldiers. Then a quick mosey to Old Glory for the Pledge.

The Thang – Part 1
After the pledge, Roscoe led the PAX across the road and moseyed to the back of the office for some work. In the back parking lot we did some Joe Hendrix backwards bear crawl up the hill to the other side and then some dips IC. Bunny Hops down the hill and then lunge walks back up.

Roscoe then let a mosey behind the church to Sherwood Elementary track and playground for some elevens. One Merkin and then run across the track (sixty yards?) to the playground for ten pull-ups and back across for two Merkin , run back for nine pullups, etc until 10 Merkin and one pull-up. Not a lot of chatter because there was no air available to speak.

We planked for the six and then did some Al Gore until FNG “Slaw” who was the designated time keeper said we were at the halfway point of the workout, at which point it was turned over to the Bandit.

The Thang – Part 2
After a short mosey to First Presbyterian’s parking lot, we partnered up for a mini Dora 1-2-3. It was 50 Merkins, 100 LBCs and 150 Squats.

The Thang – Part 3
Bandit continued the journey with a mosey through the parking lot, across Garrison Blvd and down to the track at Greer MS. Stepping in, Roscoe led the PAX in a set of calf raises before turning things back to Bandit for 5 rounds of Burpee Suicide Sprints. This is 5 burpees OYO, sprint to the 30 yd line and back. Rinse and repeat. While Bandit called Omaha (not Oklahoma) to stop at 4 rounds, clearly, the word did not make it around to all.

Regardless while everyone recovered Bandit paused to share some wisdom from Freed to Lead. Pogo40 (inconsistent fitness), the Sifter (loneliness) and The Reacher (lack of purpose) are the three classic symptoms of SadClown Syndrome (happy outside, sad inside). F3 provides us with a solution the fills these holes in our lives through fitness, fellowship and faith.

Wrap Up
With our intermission complete, and PAX respiration restored, we head back to the Schiele’s parking lot and finish with a few rounds of Mary. Roscoe finishes us off with the Protractor at the end for FNG “MS DOS” that showed up early for the 8am workout (uh, we don’t have one of those).

Prayer requests: Hot for Teacher’s Mother in law, great news about Billy Madison’s wife’s cancer being gone!