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  • When: 05/12/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Brownstreak
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Squeaker, Spiderman, Top Hat, Linus, McKenney, Wonder Woman, Radar, Brownstreak

8 G.O.A.T.s showed their faces this AM to prove they are the Greatest.Of.All.Times. Had one try and get away (squeaker) but quickly turned back in when he saw YHC (the shepherd) was there already watching to see who was coming. All the pax started rolling in and conversations was good but it was time to start………
No FNG’s so short pep talk about me being an idiot and they are idiots for following me!


20ic SSH
15ic Wind Mills
15ic LBC
20ic Moroccan Night Clubs
Mosey down the parking lot and back up doing High knees, butt kicks, left side steps, right side steps. Mosey to the kazeebo.

The Thang

This is one of my all time favorite workouts. It’s easy to follow and steady pace. We had a couple new return guys so seemed FITting.

The Vern.
10 pull ups
Mosey 200 yards (give or take to the island)
20 dips/10ic
Mosey back 200 yards (back to the Kazeebo)
25 mericans
30/15ic LBC



Great work this morning guys. Squeaker was blazing the trail on the mosey. Nice job! This morning was about staying together and encouraging each other. I set goals and WE met them and you all pushed. Great work again by all. Never quit.
40pull ups
100 mericans
120 LBC
2.47 miles
All in 45 mins guys!!!

F3 is not about out doing the other guy. This is Iron sharpens Iron guys. It’s about having a goal in front of you and pushing to it. It’s not about you not being as good or strong as someone else. It’s about being out there. Wanting to have a better life. Healthier life. It’s about making yourself better for yourself, your family, your job and community.

Remember all events coming up. Check the email News letter sent out each week. Also remember all the prayer request. I appreciate the chance to lead you G.O.A.T.s. Til next time…….AYE!