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  • When: 05/03/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Medicine Woman
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Sparky, Gumby, Dolph, Hank, Roadie, Crusader

7 PAX gathered in the eerie post-storm gloom at the Folsom.


With a slight drizzle upon us we mosey down to the lower parking lot with a nice paced lap around Coming to a stop at a nearby shelter.

Warmups: IC


calf raises

flutter kicks

Tha Thang

partner up, PAX 1 reverse suicide width of parking lot while PAX 2 prison push-ups, switch it up. Then PAX 1 duck walks a distance while PAX 2 plank jacks, switch. Then P1 inch worms(easier in demonstration) a distance while P2 LBC, switch. Then P1 toy soldiers while P2 flying squirrels, switch.

Mosey to first corner of parking lot stop 10 SSH, mosey to next corner 10 squats, mosey to next corner Freddie Mercuries. Mosey back to the upper lot for the Pledge.

With a quick recover, Dolph couldn’t help himself but to throw in 10 burpees on your own, we abliged the notion. Then we Circle up for some 1 minute drills, merkins, toe squats, mt climbers, and ended with a Ring of Fire merkins x 10!

Announcements, prayer requests lifted up, and prayer for the road!

great job men, and thanks for the opportunity to Q!