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BackBlast- #GasHouse: 1 Year Anniversary…. Mini Van Onlookers

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  • When: 03/19/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: BA
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: BA(QIC), Godfather, Dolph, Mayor, Monk, Freight, Roscoe, Huckleberry (FNG), Whoopee, T Square, Spider Man, Spider Monkey, DaVinci, Allan Tate, E4, Top Hat, Hush Puppy, JJ, Linus, Madoff, Richard Simmons, Sargento, Squeeker, Sparky, Rudolph, Tool Time .... I am missing 3 names....

29 PAX showed up in the gloom for the #GasHouse 1 year anniversary workout.

1 year ago I talked a few friends to go to this new F3 workout that was starting in Gastonia.  I was looking for something different than just weight lifting and thought this may be the change of pace that I needed.  The workouts were tough and a few guys that came with me that first workout have since not returned.  I looked back on the picture of the first F3Gastonia/GasHouse workout and there are only 7 guys who continue to post from that group (BA, Godfather, Squeeker, Wink, Rudolph, DaVinci, Linus). In 1 year it is crazy to think of the changes that have came to F3Gastonia both in the workouts and in the faces that come and go. Hopefully in the year ahead more guys who try a F3Gastonia workout will come back and become regulars.

WU: (In Cadence)

  • SSH x 25
  • Merkins x 10
  • Monkey Humpers aka JoBu’s x 15

Mosey to the flag pole

-Pledge Of Allegiance-


Mosey to the insurance buliding with the brick wall

In Cadence

  • Little Baby Dips x 20
  • Derkins x 10- Roscoe “lost a contact” and had to turn back…. or really just took a break…. he did return sometime later to rejoin the group.

Mosey to the church parking lot and partner up

  • 150 Merkins/Zombie Walk to Speed Bump
  • 150 CDD/Backwards Zombie Walk to Speed Bump

Mosey to the stairs in back of church, partner up, and grab a cinder block….about this time the sky opened up and it started to rain

  • 300 chest press/bear crawl up stairs
  • 200 bicep curls/run up stairs
  • 150 tricep french curl/run up stairs
  • 50 blockees/run up stairs

Mosey half way back with cinder blocks

Plank until our 6 reaches us

Mosey the rest of the way back with cinder blocks and deposit in BA and Dolphs truck

Circle Up

  • Sally Squats- at this point the Schiele parking lot started to fill up with mini van mothers and I believe they liked the view.
  • Sally Monkey Humpers AKA Jobu’s- at this point the above mentioned mini van moms didn’t know what we were up to and I believe became confused of what type of group we were. Some of the mini van Dads may have liked it….. I hope not.
  • 5 Burpees


Nameorama: FNG Huckleberry

Announcements: Mud Run, Relay, Burpee A Thon

Prayers: Requests by the PAX

Coffeeteria: 12 at Panera

As Always It Was A Pleasure To Lead


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  1. Rudolph

    WTR (Walker Texas Ranger) is one of the missing…..great Q!

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