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Day: March 17, 2016

Three Minute Intervals of Fun

MOUNT MIDORIYAMA GASTONIA — Two pax showed up ready to have a little end of day fun. With a mountain in the backdrop and the sun setting, it was time for the Thursday workout.

What is 2 + 2 yelled Floppy Disk, today’s Q. In unison, the men grunted four. Floppy retorted, NO! It’s three and I’ll prove it!

With a round of laughter, no one believed and they knew he was crazy.

Floppy took the pax to the ministry of love to prove to them that it indeed equaled three. Firing up a timer with intervals set at three minutes the first thang was yelled out. “Blockies”!

When that three minutes of horror ended, plank was shouted. Then squats, air jump ropes,  plank jack to sit-ups, star jacks, lunges, LBC’s, merkins and more. The onslaught of three-minute exercises didn’t stop until time ran out.

By the end, all were in agreement. “2+2=3” and love is hate.1

The Thang


  • Mosey a lap around the parking lot
  • Short break to fix the flag
  • Side straddle hop (20 IC)
  • Moroccan Night Club (20 IC)

The Thang

  • 3 minutes of blockies (30 second rest)
  • 3 minutes of low/high plank (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of squats (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of air jump rope  (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of plank jack to sit-up (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of star jacks (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of LBC (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of merkins (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of lunges (30 seconds rest)
  • 3 minutes of mountain climbers (should be renamed to Madoriyama  climbers)
  • 3 minutes of side plank alternating sides every 30 seconds.


Pledge, prayer, and while leaving we talked about some of the places in the bible that mentions the number three. Jonah in the belly of the fish for three days, Jesus’s ministry lasted three years, Peter denied him three times, the rooster crowed three times.

1. These events may have not happened exactly as described. 🙂

#BB #Folsom BlockBuster

7 Men met in the gloom for a quick beatdown.  The pax were informed to bring gloves last night and YHC would bring the pain.

Circle up for Warmup; SSH x 15 IC, Mericans x 15 IC, Squats x 10 IC, Trunk Side Stretch x 10 IC, CDD’s x 10 IC, one more round of SSH for Sparky.

The Pledge.

The Thang;

Take a mosey from the parking lot to the picnic shelter about 1/4 mile away and back to parking lot.  The Pax then grabbed a cinder block out the back of YHC truck and circled up for 6 exercises.  Mumble chatter about where were the bricks at?


Curls x 10 IC, Squats x 10 IC, French curls x 10 IC, Front raise x 10 IC, Squat Press x 10, Good Mornings x 10 IC.  This is known as the BlockBuster!

After completing the exercises the Pax again completed the 1/2 mile mosey down to the picnic shelter and back for another round of the same exercises.  We completed 4 rounds of mosey to picnic and back and 4 rounds of exercises.


Annoucements; Burpathon, MudRun, Gaston County Run, BRR; Who wants to Q?  Prayer requests, YHC forgot the Namorama but through mumble chatter I had no problem recalling the Pax.  Sparky, thanks for taking us out sir.


Pax seemed to be in good spirits this am, Allen Tate came in hot and had enough energy to perform SSH moving side to side.  Sparky came in after that and when we left the parking lot on the first mosey Lou had prepared himself to stop at the picnic shelter and had some comments when the pax made the turn to head back to the parking lot.  It doesn’t get easier you just get stronger! Nice job on the runs this am guys, it will get better.  Strong work this morning men.  We covered about 2 miles and performed quite a few exercises.  As always it was pleasure to lead you men.  #DRP


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