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Day: March 16, 2016

Rocks are not finger licking good

Warm Up

SSH x 20 lets go

Stop at bank for Pledge

Mosey over to KFC parking lot and borrow some rocks from there retention pond. Careful we are going a long ways.

Began mosey with rock of choice down Union and across to Robinwood.  Follow up to Hawks Nest for a quick round of Mary as the Pax caught up

Flutter Kicks


Imperial Walkers


Off again through the cut through to Robinson School  and down the hill.

At bottom of hill we began a rock beat down

1st two sets with borrowed rocks

1 set X3

Bottom 10 SSH with rock over head INC run to top 20 merkins switch at 10 hand on rock

2 set X3

Bottom WW2 sit ups with Rock run to top for 15 Russian Twist

3rd Set

Bear Crawl Hill Burpee at Top repeat 5 times


Mosey back up hill and stash rocks behind bush to be picked up at a later time in my pick up truck!

Stop at breeze way 3 rounds of Dips INC.

Mosey back to launch point.

Just enough time for some sitting march INC on side of Pelicans.  To finish up we did one sprint around the parking lot. Watch said 2.9 miles covered



BYB 4-9 Pre Blast Up



Thanks for the opportunity to lead such a great group. The impact and values of this group have never been more evident than over the past few weeks. Thank you all for the prayers and continued support for myself and family. Eight months ago this would have been a different walk, but having brothers from the Gloom to pick you up makes a huge difference in life.


Until next time,





March Madness Bracket Beatdown

Mt. Midoriyama Gastonia– 3 PAX came out for a good start to March Madness

Its time to begin March Madness, so what better way than to set up a bracket beat down ourselves.



Arm circles Front and Back X 20 IC

Don Quixotes X 15 IC

Mosey a lap back to Flag for Pledge of Allegiance



64 X Merkins
32 X LBCs
16 X Jump squats
8 X Pull ups
4 X Burpies
1 X Lap


64 X Dips
32 X Flutter kicks
16 X One leg lunges
8 X Pull ups
4 X Burpies
1 X Lap


64 X Cinder block curls
32 X Dying cock roaches
16 X Bleacher jumps
8 X Pull ups
4 X Burpies
1 X Lap


64 X Cinder block chest press
32 X Freddie Mercury
16 X Monkey Humpers (To the Tarhole Fans)
8 X Pull ups
4 X Burpies
1 X Lap to stop sign (For you Floppy)

*Everything done together*

Thanks for everybody that came out for my official first f3 “Q”.  Thanks to the Mt. Midoriyama Warriors that push me every time we workout!!


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