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  • When: 03/18/2016
  • AO:
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Spiderman, Sargento, Monk, Guiness (Respect, Respect), Squeaker, Hush Puppy, Roscoe (Q)



YHC was first to arrive at the AO and noticed a performer on stage at the Pavilion.  As I walked closer, it was actually a guy sleeping in a blanket with a jam box playing some rock music that I couldn’t decipher.  When the PAX began appearing our friend must have heard the welcoming voices of our greetings and started his day.  After a brief disclaimer, I was getting ready to call for SSH when I noticed two gentlemen walking up from my 6.  A quick greeting to them and we started.  They began to engage our friend on stage.  More about that later.

We did:  SSH, Prayer Squats, LBC’s, Moroccan Nightclubs, Mountain Climbers, Merkins and then the Pledge of Allegiance.

We moseyed around downtown ending at the Antler “Art” and did some Mary on the front end of the workout.  We did LBC’s, Protractor, V-Hold, and then in honor of Bandit we performed the Dying Cockroach.  YHC was concerned he may wake up with the flu since it is going around the Roscoe household and I wanted to have a backup Q in case of acute onset overnight.  Bandit has work commitments that are keeping him from posting so far this week.  I told him to remind his employer that there is no “W” as in work in F3.

While on our 6 we also noticed that the “Art” moves like a weather vane which was great for taking your mind off the pain.  I also noticed a birdhouse with books in it.  Maybe we can read something next time I have the Q.  #Literacycounts.

Mosey around downtown a little more and ended up at the Pavilion.

Partner up for plank/burpees:  P1 holds low plank, P2 runs to other side of parking lot and does 5 burpees, comes back and switch; then does 4 burpees, 3, 2, and 1. The PAX were told to modify the run as needed but if they went to the far end it was a mile all told.  Spiderman claimed the running part was too far and in hindsight I tend to agree.  While a few of us were holding a plank, one our earlier friends began to engage us about whether we had boys at home.  This was an usual thing to ask, especially while we we were sweating holding a plank and because it was about 0545 in the morning in the gloom.  Some of the PAX didn’t know if he was a homeless outreach guy or a St. Paddy’s day reveler who hadn’t gone to sleep yet.  Not sure where this was going, he then said he is a football coach for a local organization.  We all agreed that if you want to engage guys who are holding a plank and generally suffering, your best bet is to hold a plank yourself and tell them you are a football coach before you ask about their boys. If you are ever recruiting for kid’s sports teams with strangers at 0545 Friday morning while they are exercising in a random section of Bermuda grass, keep these tips in mind.  We wished our new friend well and thanked him for his time.
We then moseyed to the “wall” and started with the people’s chair, marching, Derkins with feet on the wall, People’s chair with air presses, Mountain Climbers on the wall, Al Gore, and finally BB&T’s (Donkey kicks).  If you can’t do it, you can’t Q it.

Time was running short so we hit the bridge and lunge walked the entire length.  We actually hit time at the end of the bridge so we hustled back to the Pavilion for the COT.

Monk reminded us that the word (verse?) of the week is “Give thanks to him who gives me strength.”  1 Timothy

The Backwoods Brawl April 9th, Community Foundation Run the week after,

Continued Prayers for Outhouse and his family.  Great to see him Post again this week.

Prayers from Monk for an 11 year old who is contemplating suicide.

Week 2 of Third F Bible Study tomorrow at the picnic tables at the Schiele.

We closed in prayer.

It was my pleasure to lead this morning and great to see a new face among us (Guiness).  Keep EH’ing those potential FNG’s and keep the Gashouse growing.