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  • When: 01/14/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Linus, Top Hat, JK2, T-Square, Dolph, Brown Streak, Fresh Prince, Monk

I misplaced my Weinke before leaving work yesterday and had to recreate one late last night.  Fortunately, I was inspired because our infamous Twitter Q’s preblast picture of Daisy Duke and a threat that YHC would sport some short demin shorts in the cold gloom was an inspiration and a new Weinke was generated in short order.  The threat was not to be after I unsuccessfully scoured my closet for some old faded 501’s that I could take the scissor’s to prior to the 0530 start time.

We started right on time with a series of SSH, Imperial Walker, Prayer Squat (or put your hands in your sweatshirt pockets squat), and the Pledge of Allegiance.

We moseyed quickly to the parking lot above the BB&T.  The second Weinke tried to disappear but was recovered on the cold ground by Dolph who graciously returned it.  He was given a reduction of one rep in one of the below exercises.

You can’t tie your shirt above your navel like Daisy if you don’t have ripped abs, so the ABORAMA began:

  • Good morning darlings 50
  • LBC 20
  • V Hold  25 seconds
  • Flutter kick 45
  • Mountain Climbers  20
  • Superman hold 25 seconds
  • 6 inches and overhead hold on your six 25 seconds
  • Side plank dips both sides  10 IC
  • Side oblique crunches 10 OYO each side
  • Backstroke  10 IC
  • WW1 sit-ups 15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers  20 IC
  • Homer/Marge
  • Superman hold 25 sec
  • Plank for one minute

Now that we were ripped with no love handles and ready for the half shirts, we moseyed to the Goat Pavilion.  Partner up.  P1 does 2 pull ups and runs to P2 who is doing ten merkins and holding a plank at the parking lot.  Switch.
Then 4 pull ups, then 6 pull ups, then 8 pull ups then 6 pull ups, then 4 pull ups, then 2 pull ups.  The roof of the Pavilion serves as a really good pull up station with one flaw….it is freezing cold and takes the warmth from your fingers on the first rep.  Wahh.

After the upper body work, we needed to work on the glutes.  You don’t look good in jean shorts without nice glutes.  Mosey to the top of the driveway near City hall.  Lunge walk two light poles and back one light pole. We began squats in cadence while waiting for the alarm to go off, signaling two minutes to go.  We did fifty squats which seemed like forever before we heard the alarm and returned to the parking lot for a final round of Flutter kicks until YHC called time at 0615.

A few prayer requests and announcements before the COT and closing prayer.

A pleasure to lead again this morning after not much sleep.  Thanks for tolerating it.  Now that you have the Daisy Bod, you need to remind people that “your eyes are up here”.