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Smells like Teen Spirit


There is currently a vacancy in the downtown region for Gastonia. Any and all applicants must pass a yearly physical and drug screening. Applications available behind rotary pavilion.

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-man

This was a couple of weeks back at one of the final sitings of  our beloved web slinger. The gloves were thrown down Turtleman nominated me , I considered but worried about the daunting task of such a monumental site with also such BIG shoes to fill … could I do it ? I had never even Q’ d there before . I put together a Weinke and have had it ready for some time …. just lacked an opening to use. All too often I arrive downtown just in time …. the last time Spidey ran the gauntlet on us I arrived just behind him to find Gastone already rallying the troops … then the baton was passed over to Bedpan! I believe he will do very well …. All that prep work aside …. on to the beat down !

Pledge        Disclaimer.      Warm up as follows

low slow squats ( mentioning to straighten backs ) x10

Seal Jacks x10

Plank Jack x10

finally the   Piece de resistance….

Howler monkeys ( I believe that is what they are called …. I thought I came up with a new activity only to see that last week Hipaa has found this , dusted it off and inserted into one of his routines !)

i had the pax to tighten ranks in the circle ( tension and mumbles began) turn 1/4 to left …. Monkey Humpers!!! That is the Howler Monkey …. it was at this time that we became aware that in order to “seem” to be looking elsewhere that Turtle man noticed and asked if Breaker Breaker has a family member that bought a rotary brick as one carried Stinett family name .

x10 ……. no scratch that !!! There was so much mumble chatter continued another 10 !

word of advice about me ……






I thrive and Love mumble chatter …. it keeps me going !!! 

All these done in cadence

short mosey to parking lot and at far end karaoke facing buildings at other end switch to facing rail road tracks

some duscussion of whether running was still off menu as I heard mention of my …what was it?…. 54 5ks in the last few days?

move to bridge … new activity alligator merkins …. advance to arm lengths merkin across bridge …. “ safely mosey” ( no crosswalk here) to other side of bridge … now crab walk….. several struggled but rather than push them too hard I had rest of pax save the rest for later … too much to do today !

onto another new place and exercise … dircectly across from parking lot most of us use look across street and you will see a long line of posts set in concrete …. it was here we slalomed down being mindful that the last few set in curbing creating tripping hazard.  Kudos to Island for showing all how slim he is even using the two set one inch apart from each other! Other end 20 squats … back through 2 more times … move behind these building to long low yellow rail beside tattoo parlor for 2 rounds of 10 dips and 10 derkins.

Now for the run over to DSS and back side of parking lot with an elevation for something I’ve wanted to use for a long time and have never seen / read of its use …. Burp back mountain … it was at this time that Stone Cold Offered private viewings of Broke back Mountain but I had to wrestle all back in line advising them of how close we were to the police station and to settle down!!! The activity requires partners … p1 does burpees while p2 nurs up hill and then returns running forward…. the usual count was called of 100 …. but as I and others were guickly getting gassed and we still had one more fun activity we completed 75 and moved on back to start .

I’ be been trying to incorporate more partner activity as that is another area I’ve been s little remiss in and love to work out with as many different pax as possible …. so…. choose new partner! P1 does sit-ups while p2 holds others ankles to perform 10 plank jacks …. switch off for 5 of each .

lastly we had more time left than I thought so we did Mary  ….Gastone picked …. I think you know …. and you probably know the count too ….other activities were am hammers squats lbcs Freddie Merck’s and I remember Stone Cold asking if time left …. I said 20 seconds …. he called 5 burpees and unfortunately Broke was left out as time was called .

dont forget Quichemas Dec 15

prayers for brothers such as Stroganoff on I R and others who havent posted in some time also prayers for Tool Time job interview

Blart asked for Q’s so…

Blart asked for some Q’s to be filled tuesday, so I stepped up and grabbed the Q for Thursday 11/29. I’ve still been working on getting the hip and back healed up so it was a good chance to test them out with some sprints.

It was a pretty typical Wojo beatdown. SHOW TO KNOW!


Folsom Strong

2 strong at Folsom this morning. You can always count on Volt to be there.

SSH, Gravel Pickers, Toy Soldiers X 10 IC


Mosey to the flag at the park entrance pledge it out. Next on your 6 for flutters kicks x10 ic, lbc’s, x10 ic, roll over for cdd’s x10 oyo, back on your 6 for 10 big boy’s oyo.  Mosey around the parking lot to the street light for dirty 11’s with squats and sandy v’s.

Mosey to lower lot for several rounds of ab work, Sandy V’s, Peter Parker’s, Parker Peter’s, Mountain Climbers, and oblique raises.

Head back to start for 10 burpees and time is out.


Just Another Manic Monday

Monday mornings come early in Mt. Hollywood,  but 9 HIMs posted to build themselves up with the help of each other.

Warm up: SSH i/c, big arm circles forward and reverse until YHC called time, shoulder pulls for a 10 count x4, cotton pickers i/c, merkins i/c, mountain climbers i/c, 10 count plank each arm and leg.

Long mosey around the big block of Mt. Hollywood. Stopped at the wall for 10 derkins and 10 big step ups (each leg). Continue mosey to the corner of main for a zombie walk with 2 burpees at each light post. Mosey to Veterans Park for the pledge and 22 merkins for the vets. Mosey up the big hill and back to the start.

The thang: YHC called for the Iron Horse, however there seems to be something missing between the 1 merkin and the 4 air presses… Oh yeah! 2 hip slappers and 3 dips. So now we have 1 merkin, 2 hip slappers, 3 dips, 4 air presses for round 1. Round 2 would be 2 merkins, 4 hip slappers, 6 dips, and 8 air presses, and so forth and so on. PAX started with 15 minutes remaining, and YHC called for as many rounds as time would allow. Apparently the PAX thought 15 minutes was a very long time based on the mumble chatter. Only Broke made it all the way to 10 when time ran out. Awesome work by the PAX this morning.

Announcements: Quichemas party 12/15, please complete survey; Saturday at The Yank will meet at 6:30 in the parking lot near Glenway due to the Girls on the Run 5k

Tiger took us out with a prayer.

It is always a great honor to lead!





The Thang:

8 men went out for some fellowship and a mosey ….some did 3 miles some did 5  one did more all got out of the fartsack and made each other better. One ran really slow….Defib



Announcements Christmas Party December 15th please complete form if you have not


Loved ones dealing with sickness, Tool Times Interview, soldiers serving our country

Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.



Tool Time

Trifecta of Respect

With most of the PAX in Shelby, and the rain/cold making things pretty miserable, 3 (R)espctable HIMs post at The Yank. This was not the workout YHC had in mind, but given the circumstances, no one minded.

Warm up with a short mosey to picnic shelter 

(15) ssh, don q’s, hillbillies, goofballs, copper head squats all IC, 5 burpees 

the thang

Deck of death

face value = reps  (minimum 5), face cards = 10, aces = 25

Hearts = derkins 

Clubs = 6 shooters, count right side

Diamonds = step ups, count right side

Spades = American Hammer, count right side

1st Joker = 100 MNCs with a squat

2nd Joker = 100 air presses with a squat



Quichemas 12/15, don’t forget the survey, 12/1 Yank moved to 6:30 at parking lot near Glenway Pub due to Girls on the Run

Name o Rama


Happy that Anchorman and Virus posted this morning. It was an honor to lead.

Dang it was cold but….

So 7 men posted at crossroads f Continue reading

Oh crap

Oh crap…….cause ShortSale just called me out on missing back blasts. So here it is.

Prison Break had some out of town visitors this fine morning. Good to finally meet 4-Leaf. Montross has been hard at it in the EH department. We welcomed Donut. 4 ran and 6 toured the park ruck style.


Prayer requests lifted and YHC took us out.

Just say, “NO!” ( to SSH)

Lately there’s been this bumper crop of never ending SSHs. Will the madness never end?
Last year I attended Midoriyama and cannot remember the Q but absolutely Loved how he began …. we we’re told that he was not a runner and didn’t have any running planned at all …. then he said “Oops , yes we will run …. to the turd shack …. “ possibly only 6 ft away ! While we did Not run much … the intent was to limit running due to my having run two 5 k events last week and a little more running Monday at Black Knight I also ( as mentioned in the title) chose to eliminate ALL SSH as I heard of Shelby’s workout using only 2 exercises in 4 feet of bowater and another abundance of them again on Monday ( thanks Gastone ).
All that fun aside …. disclaimer pledge …. begin
Cold morning …. let’s warm up quickly as I tell them 5 jump squats … then a real crowd pleaser (esp for warming up) the Moroccan night club X 25followed by merkins with the 5th and 10 th ones where we hold it low and move side to side ( going downtown benefit of Goose several Saturdays ago) . Lastly we go to squat , hold and now (this brilliant idea sprang into my mind last night when I could not/ would not sleep due to excitement of weather forecast/Q) and then move 10 steps to the left maintaining circle and then 10 steps left complete with rythymic clapping ( Gastone)!
Mosey…. only to gates to the park… 5 burpees…. karaoke right side halfway down 5 more burpees … karaoke other side to light before turd shack 5 burpees mosey 20 more feet to far side of the turd home … line up before curb … and 5 Rocky B’s, 5 Bobby Hurley’s , 5 Mikd Tyson’s meant to also have 5 box jumps onto curb but could not remember on first round but added on subsequent rounds and we ended with 5 donkey kicks against wall…. repeating two more times at 10 counts and ending at 5 …..
Move onto play ground hand walk parallel bar and mosey to swings two rounds of 10 derkins( feee in swing ) and 10 jump lunges. Now a dead hang for approx 30 seconds.
Two rounds of French fries X 10 and another crowd pleaser Kneetars compliments of Tesla’s buddy Iced T from Lake Wylie( I work with him) These are performed on a nice comfy surface like mulch ( hehe) standing drop to one knee , drop other knee , now stand up …X 10. Next we find a comfortable bar and hang again but pull knees up to chest …. approx 20 seconds this go round .
Now we do two rounds of Makhtar N ‘ Diayes ( plank …. move yo lower plank) … discussion on proper pronunciation …. adding squats X 10 on both ending with 5 pull-ups / chin ups your choice . Somewhere during all this there was wonderful mumble chatter about which exercises were made up / who made them up / whether or not there were imaginary beings floating in the ether ….
Mosey again to parking lot line up for dominoes pax to hold right arm up awaiting turn at 10 merkins plank for the six …. mumbles about left arm being too strong ( don’t they know that other direction coming …. so yes resume with left arms raised , wait for turn at merkins …. complete!
More mumble chatter about how back blast will mention how all we did was pointless hanging walking aimlessly in circles playing with balls … I acknowledged my reasoning on this workout is because my recent attempt at an obstacle race showed me that while I have come quite a long way in this past year , but I’m still well short of where I need to be in order to compete better because i intend to do probably 2 next year ( reach out to me Gilligan …. I’m interested in Spartan Sprint for one of these. Back to regular scheduled programming anddddd 5 burpees and nur to gate ( yes … all the way and watch Gastone work his magic handing out one Q after another filling all vacancies for I think the next 5 years … or 2 weeks …. plank for six … most back to start 25 lbcs cadence count yours truly and end with Gastone and 40? Flutter kicks …. objective complete!!!! Excellent job by all … notably Stone Cold fresh from wire removal from knee.
Announcements upcoming X mas party at Quifees
Any pax working out at Any/All sites next Tuesday wear all black …. pass this on please info on Twitter
Prayers for Nikki Bailey / family
Final thoughts …. beautiful morning even though cold

Iron Circle

It had been a while since I have posted either due to illness or work. I reached out to Breaker Breaker to see if I could jump in and he had an opening so I took it. What better way to get back in there other than Q.

No Warm up so a quick mosey around the parking lot to get the blood flowing.

Around one of the islands are the stations we will be going thru. They are:
Sandbag squats, which were the counter. When a pax hits 20, its time to rotate to their right.
Flutter Kicks
Tricep OH Extensions
Elbow Plank
Pax Choice of Cards – Freddie mercury or American hammer
Pax Choice of Cards – CDDs for Shoulder Taps
Pax Choice of Cards – Monkey Humperdinck Plank Jacks
Kettlebell Swings
OH Press with block
Curls with block
Side Straddle Hop
Slam ball with 20#
Pax Choice of Mountain Climbers or Peter Parkers
Pax Choice of crunches or Windshield Wipers
Pax Choice of Lunges or Calf Raises.

Rotate thru the circuits. A short time into it, Tophat asked if we could change something. He happened to be at the burpee station so I noted if the pax weren’t happy, we could change the count to be at the burpee station instead of the sandbag squats. No takers. I also called an Omaha halfway thru to reverse the order. Boudin declared shenanigans since he had to go back to the burpees and I wouldn’t. That station was open so I hit burpees so I would not be skinned alive on Twitter.

Back to start for a quick round of 15 count of pistol crunches with each leg/arm/pistol/six shooter.


Announcements: Get with Gillian if you want to be on the F3 Spartan Team next year, Christmas Part at Quiches on 12/15, Yank starts at 6;30 this Saturday behind Glenway Pub due to Girls on the Run

TAPs: Breaker Breaker Fmaily, those dealing with depression and loss at the holiday season, guys not seen in while and Sargento’s M.

Moleskin: It was good to get back at it. I want to thank everyone for the calls and texts while I was out. It means a great deal.

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