• Post Type:
  • When: 11/26/2018
  • AO:
  • QIC: Orangeman
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Tiger, Broke, Freon, Paw Patrol, Virus (r), Shad Rap, Buckeye, Tesla (r), Orangeman (QIC, r)

Monday mornings come early in Mt. Hollywood,  but 9 HIMs posted to build themselves up with the help of each other.

Warm up: SSH i/c, big arm circles forward and reverse until YHC called time, shoulder pulls for a 10 count x4, cotton pickers i/c, merkins i/c, mountain climbers i/c, 10 count plank each arm and leg.

Long mosey around the big block of Mt. Hollywood. Stopped at the wall for 10 derkins and 10 big step ups (each leg). Continue mosey to the corner of main for a zombie walk with 2 burpees at each light post. Mosey to Veterans Park for the pledge and 22 merkins for the vets. Mosey up the big hill and back to the start.

The thang: YHC called for the Iron Horse, however there seems to be something missing between the 1 merkin and the 4 air presses… Oh yeah! 2 hip slappers and 3 dips. So now we have 1 merkin, 2 hip slappers, 3 dips, 4 air presses for round 1. Round 2 would be 2 merkins, 4 hip slappers, 6 dips, and 8 air presses, and so forth and so on. PAX started with 15 minutes remaining, and YHC called for as many rounds as time would allow. Apparently the PAX thought 15 minutes was a very long time based on the mumble chatter. Only Broke made it all the way to 10 when time ran out. Awesome work by the PAX this morning.

Announcements: Quichemas party 12/15, please complete survey; Saturday at The Yank will meet at 6:30 in the parking lot near Glenway due to the Girls on the Run 5k

Tiger took us out with a prayer.

It is always a great honor to lead!