• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/23/2023
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Medicine Woman
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Balljoint, Gearwrench, Pall Bearer, Pony Boy, Stogie, Rat Rod, Chubbs, Camellia(R), Beatle Baily, Westside, Bedpan

This month marked YHC’s 7th anniversary in this thing called F3. There’s been a lot of good memories along the way. Most have been from the mumblechatter and comradery between PAX during the workouts. Today I decided to take a trip back to some of the first routine exercises I remember from my early days in F3.


SSH, Imperial Walkers, Gravel Pickers, Low slow squats all X10 IC

Mosey to the lower parking lot turd shack.

Here was the very first routine of my first post. Whoopee was the Q. Partner up and one partner will amrap an exercise while partner 2 runs up the steps, across the parking lot and back down the ramp. Switch up and repeat. Exercises were merkins and Australian mountain climbers. Mosey over to the amphitheater for some good ole Huckleberry inspired work. All PAX balls to the wall. Each will drop off the wall for 3 burpees and rejoin the wall until all have completed their turn. It sucked due to how many we had. Back in the day, there may have only been 5-6 present which made it a little less dreadful. Ok, let’s mosey over to the other pond parking lot. I was trying to remember who called this back then. I was thinking JJ??? Anyway, line up for Route 66. Bobby Hurleys and lunge walk in between.

while PAX were finishing up, YHC asked what the 5 cord principals of F3 were. I only heard 3 or so actually answer. The rest were too busy socializing. This continued on for the rest of the Q.

Now, we mosey up to the triangle by the cotton gin. Garfield, who we haven’t seen in years used this area a good bit. First corner 5 big boys, mosey to the next for 10, then to the last corner for 15. Lots of confusion again, but we managed. Mosey on up to the flag pole for The Pledge. I can remember early on that this was a forbidden task. We had a shovel flag. Why would you mosey a half mile just to say the Pledge? Moving along. Mosey over to the horse arena. Huckleberry claims this is likely what led up to the infamous Jacked Up Leg, but again, I’m on the memory lane theme. Line up at the bottom of the concrete bleachers for triple nickel. Derkins at the bottom and burpees at the top. Yes, you box jump up to the top. With time dwindling down and more on the Weinke, QIC called Omaha after 3 rounds and we took a mosey to the tennis courts. This memory was from the first time I posted outside of our general region. It was at Veterans Park with the Cape Fear crowd. PAX called it clipboard. I’m not sure the real exicon term, but we line up on the court. First in line calls an exercise. The remaining will perform said exercise while the first runs a distance and back. The next calls his own and we repeat until we ran out of time. It’s more like screw your buddies. Call something you hate and make the rest do it. Time is almost up so we fellowship mosey the last minute back to start. Lots of mumblechatter about instructions, poor communication, and other garbage. All I saw was lack of following directions given by Q. That being said, times up.

Announcements: Community Foundation Run(along with other activities that day, including a QVQ)

COT: Huck, TurtleMan, Westsides friend from church who was bitten by dang, Kelly Bird, Palmetto and Mortimer Runners

Praise report: Pony Boy starts a new job soon

Moleskin: It’s been a long 7 years. Lots of ups and downs, injuries, jacked up legs, unthinkable relays, completely stupid ideas, and mumblechatter. YHC has enjoyed every minute of it. Always an honor to lead you men!

MW Out!