• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/22/2023
  • AO: The Labyrinth
  • QIC: JJ
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Maybelline, Bulldog, Tube (R), Stroganoff (R), EZ Rider (R)

YHC had committed to Q The Labyrinth a few weeks prior not realizing this would be a few days before The Mortimer. That being said, the goal of this workout was to go light on leg work and not get hurt.

A mere 66 1/2 hours from the start of The Mortimer, the PAX were ready to go at 0530. Well… almost all of them were ready to go.

SSH IC x 22
LBCs IC x 22
It was at this point that the Site Q came in hot and joined the circle.
Imperial Walkers IC x 22

Mosey to the shelter at the Turd Shack.
Dips IC x 22
American Hammers IC x 21 (yeah, sometimes YHC can’t count and think about the next exercise at the same)
Derkins IC x 11
Dips IC x 11
American Hammers IC x 22
Hand-release Merkins x 11

Mosey to the path at the lower soccer field.
Mosey on the path to the other side of the field, there stop and do 22 Flutter Kicks (count 1 leg)
Mosey back and do 22 LBCs
The option to lunge a shorter distance was given with the 22 Flutters before lunging back.
Another round with 22 Freddy Mercury’s on the other side, return for 22 LBCs
Another round with 22 Dying Cockroaches on the other side, return for 22 LBCs
A final round with 22 Reverse Crunches on the other side, return for 22 LBCs

Mosey the outer path around the ball fields and back to the flag.

3/22 2nd F lunch @ JR Cash which you missed if your hadn’t heard before you just read this
4/1 Blood drive in Belmont
4/1 Community Foundation Run / Q vs Q / Workout at Caromont Ballpark prior to CF Run

Prayer Requests
Runners this upcoming weekend
Flintstone’s dad
EZ Rider’s son
Ratchet’s 2.0

Prayer to take us out.

Until next time…