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  • Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/18/2023
  • AO: The Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Whoppee, Flintstone, Pockets, BOS, Blueprint, Dr Seuss, Wikileaks, Sister Act, Broke, Gumby, Def Leppard, Doodles, Maybeline, Wattsup, Sargento, Freon, Amazon, Slaw, Jane Fonda, Tesla, Orangeman, Brutus, J2C, Tricycle, Volt, Pilgrims Progress, Anchorman, Tooth Fairy, Tiger, Gavel, Pallbearer, Happy Trees, Pizzaman, Londonwell, Usain, Splashback, Hotlips, Levi, Macarana, Serpentine

41 showed at The Fighting Yank for a final 4 showdown of the Q vs Q, Whoppee vs Freight. Emeritus vs Emeritus. Hair loss vs Great hair. This is what went down.

Several minutes before the start I announced you better be doing your warmup now because the thang starts at 0700. With a limited time competition we have no time to waste. Flintstone filled everyone in on what was going to happen and at 0700 he handed it over to YHC. Let’s mosey! Around the block to the backside of the old school where we circled up for instructions. I put everyone into 3 man teams. I figured we would have a good many people and when that happens it’s like herding cats so you gotta disperse the load. Each 3 man team lined up behind a block along the edge of the track and the field. Pax 1 would be doing an exercise with the block, Pax 2 would be doing some kind of movement to a cone spaced out about 15-20 yds in front of us. Pax 3 would run across the field, do one burpee, and run back. The Pax would rotate through these three psoitions until all 3 were complete. At that time I instructed the Pax I wanted them doing SSH’s until the 6 was in. No standing and talking! Throw your hands in the air. Below is what exercises and movements we got through.

Thrusters/Bear Crawl

Curls/Backward Crabwalk

Blockee/Crawl Bear


Alternating Block Merkins/Broad Jump

Overhead Press/Hop

I had about 6 more rounds we will have to do next time when I Q the whole time. At this point the other guy took over.

Whoppee called for a Switzer and ran through a few formalities we may have skipped in the beginning. This is a competition man we ain’t got time for this nonsense. This is also where my mumblechatter 1st poked at him. Fired up he yelled let’s mosey and over to the parking lot we went. He had us get into 3 groups. 1 group was doing Austarlian shoulder taps, one group was broad jumping across the parking lot(he copied this move from me), and the other group was carrying coupons while walking across the parking lot. Walking? In a competition? SA hated to see it! We rotated through these 3 positions then he called for another Switzer. This is where my mumblechatter poked him again. He threatened to put me in the corner! Got him right where I want him! He gave us instructions to run through the park and find the biggest hill. At the hill he was giving instructions on what was next. I couldn’t hear him because I ws picking up the 6(don’t forget Freight 2023). It seemed as though we were to do some sort of 11’s with lunges at the bottom and mtn climbers at the top. Someone questioned the Q on the numbers and he said who’s counting anyway? Victory is in sight. Shortly after we abandoned this and ran for the street. Over next to Sammy’s we Switzered again where it got a little close and uncomfortable for the Q. He gave a speech about elephantitus? Yeah I don’t know either. Now for his signature move……..Australian mtn climbers ic x 10. Rundown the crowded street and do lunges coming back. We did several rounds of this with different forms of getting back. At this point he handed the Q over to SA to do some Mike Tysons. Couldn’t even handle 30 minutes. I really do hate to see it. Back to the flag for one final switzer.

The voting was done and Whoppee graciously presented me with the gold medal.



Announcements-Race City is celebrating 10 years next weekend and everyone is welcome to come up, 2ndF lunch on the 22nd at JR Cash, Community Run/SFN April 1st-we have 3 commaders and could use a few more runners.

Prayer Request-Tiger’s mom, Ratchet’s son, Huck, Turtleman, PP’s coworker, Tooth Fairy’s daughter, several more I’m sure I forgot, Praise report from the new Grandpa Orangeman

Naked Moleskin:

Once again thanks to Flintstone for setting this up. Thanks to te site Q Gavel for having us out. Thanks to all that posted. As Whoppee said this morning you should be there not for yourself but for the men on each side of you. Last but not least thanks to Whoppee for making that win so easy….I kid, I kid! Whoppee has pushed me in a lot of ways over the years. He got me to do my first relay race the BRR. I’ve done like 15 or so now. Now that I think about it maybe I shouldn’t thank him for that. He got me to do my 1st Goruck event. I’ve done several of those as well. Again maybe not so much of a thanks. Rucked the BRR……..I’m gonna stop before I get pissed of at the guy. Either way the guy has pushed me and has definitley had some impact in shaping the an I am today. Win or lose sir I thank you for that!

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  1. Forge

    Awesome Backblast. Made me want to be there!!! I was a Kotter at Saturday CORE this morning so at least that makes me feel better I did something when missing this awesome post.

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