• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/12/2021
  • AO: 2nd F Event
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Defib, Roscoe, Watts Up, Whoopee, Rudolph

NUOS this am was good. I don’t mind saying it, even if it sounds like I am bragging. I had fun, and it was tough. We had a good crowd, but I think there are more that could make it and do fine-don’t be intimidated. It’s basically like a regular F3 workout but with coupons…..lots of coupons. We even have a 75# iPhone.

We started with a warmup: 25 big boys, ruck warmup with count of 20 doing upright rows, military press, bent rows, and squats for total of 3 sets.  We loaded up the toys and moved to the track for some fun with the sand bag and stuff. All had rucks on the whole time which I really did not think about until now. We took turns with different toys but the beast was the sand bag toss. Pick up sandbag and throw it. Walk over to sand bag and repeat. Do this as fast and far as you can. Other pax picked up toys and walked half of a lap then put toys down and then went back to save the bag tosser. When we reached the bag tosser, we all dropped and did 10 merkins with ruck on. Someone else started with the sandbag while the other four pax  lunged back to the toys and swapped places. Those 4 then picked up the toys and continued around the track for another half lap. At each half lap the four pax went back for the bag tosser. The toys were the following: 5 gallon bucket with unknown liquid content weighing somewhere between 25 and 100 #, 50# kettle bell, 2 kettle bells weighing approximately 20 # each, or wheelbarrow with about 180# in it (including 75# iPhone playing some bangin’ music that Roscoe loved). We did this for about 30 minutes then took a lap with just the rucks then called it a day for the NUOS workout.

A few notes from the above:

1-Holy nuts that was tough.

2-Rudolph’s new nickname is CATAPULT. Dang, he was throwing that bag like a boss.

3-the weight, toys, and ruck sacks are an equalizer. I think all of us were tired after this, even those pax who are usually machines (ahem, Defib).

4-Watts up is still a beast. He took the glory leg on the sandbag and rocked it.

5-Roscoe still doesn’t complain. I’ll have to get something harder next time just for him.

6-Whoopee can hit a 10# rolling weight at a full sprint with a ruck sack on with a piece of granite like a dog after a squirrel. Britches beware-you have been warned. We now have both a 9 and a 1 # weight. You’re welcome.

Come out next week. I heard Tiger busted them up pretty good in F’ing Yank this am also.