• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/27/2021
  • AO: The Labyrinth
  • QIC: Clavin ( R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Cougar, JJ, Hermie( R), Folgers ( R), Dry Rub ( R), Sausage

Story time with Clavin:

When I was in junior high , sorry , middle school, I read this story about a king who chooses a new unique method of justice for his kingdom. A convicted man is placed in an arena with two doors, behind one is a beautiful lady who he will be wed to and behind the other is a Tiger. This king has a beautiful daughter who falls in love with a man many stations below her. The king finds out and is troubled. He chooses to place this man in the arena but selects a young lady to marry to him behind one door ( who is a rival of the princess ) and a Tiger behind the other . The princess finds out and just before the man chooses she indicates one door and he moves towards that door and chooses…..

This story is the ultimate cliffhanger for you choose how it ( or even if it ) ends. It is from the late 1800s and has been used in studies which find many times that younger generations tend to select the lady believing in love or that older people feel that way …. or that cynical people select the carnage of the Tiger …. or … whatever ….you now choose….
While I related this we did MNC, toy soldiers and hillbillies ….. no timed sequence …. just slow and steady.

Over the next few weeks that I Q I will focus us all on proper form and slowing the tempo to improve our overall performance, ultimately it’s You vs you but I intend to make a better you … and me along the way .
The pax is now given a choice of left or right to continue the workout… they chose right…. away we go…
At first pole 1 burpee then at each next pole we add to the stack for RACK EM STACK EM
Next 1 burpee 10 SSH
1 burpee 10 SSH 10 squats paying heed to go slower and lower placing weight onto heels not bobbing forward or rocking
1 burpee 10 SSH 10 squats 10 plank jacks keep back like a plank not bowed up or butt in the air
1 burpee 10 SSH 10 squats 10 plank jacks 10 flutters … try placing hands behind head to engage more core ( Montross showed me this once I believe)

next we added lbcs and lastly added crab crunchers and at the 8th pole we repeated set without an addition although I pointed out value added by choosing to position head downhill for extra challenge when performing any workout on your six …  and de-stacked from there to end it all with 1 burpee but Folgers was having none of that as he showed us all up knocking out another 10-100 SSH claiming he was now Merlot-free having stopped drinking coffee ( isn’t that interesting??) before working out!!

 Next over to Dollar General and 2 rounds of perfect form merkins using a half count when engaged in lowered plank x 10 and bear crawl across lot with 10 flutters and mosey back …. plank for six 

mosey to steps at Food Lion grab a Boulder and shoulder it ( just kidding … these are too big but we’ll be doing something similar soon…)

2 rounds of calf raises 10 regular, 10 Toes in and 10 toes out 

mosey to wall near Planet Fitness for balls to the wall ( if you can …. do what’s comfortable and if possible tap each shoulder twice …. plan as the year progresses ito improve on this whether to get closer to wall ( dry Rub to grow larger balls he said) or to be able to hold longer …. whatever your goal …

now to KFC and grab a smaller rock and slowly do 10 curls and 10 overhead presses twice


Frogger to short wall for 3 sets of controlled dips ( x10) and 10 step ups also stopping with both feet on top of wall for a half count 

arrive back with 3 seconds to spare as rain begins to fall….TIME!!!!

prayers for Dry Rubs coworker cancer survivor facing heart troubles

Hermies friend in hospice

Cougar grand mom falling repeatedly 

Stinky Bird back troubles 

other pax not mentioned 

part of today’s workout was inspired by former pax Spanx , he and his wife have been extremely successful losing weight and feeling better using E2M diet / workout plan …. I listened to their guru talk about  this and have chosen to concentrate for the next couple of Q exercises that I lead utilizing perfect form and control of motion to help self and others improve ….. this does not mean that I plan to only do this for the next couple of weeks …. I will gladly shelf this if ANY pax desire to lead … many in today’s group smiled at that prospect!!

lastly … as I told all present … we did not select the Lady nor the Tiger …. by choosing right only chose the prefer selection for today’s workout … left would’ve been in reverse