• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/18/2021
  • AO: The Sandlot
  • QIC: Sargento
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Flintstone, Linus (R), Cougar, Sausage, Easy Rider, Watts Up (R), Folgers (R), Nutria, JJ, Defib (R), Stinky Bird

12 HIMs showed at the AO formerly known as Martha’s House for a Monday morning start your week right bootcamp. YHC had his (son’s) trusty JBL with him and, with no sign of Roscoe present to hijack the playlist, it promised to be an uninterrupted session of musical and physical bliss! This is what happened…

Disclaimer, no FNGs but a cotter (Cougar) was present so full details were given.

Pledge of Allegiance, actually YHC scuttled this attempt as there was no flag flying to pledge to.

Warmup: Don Quixote x10 IC, Air Presses IC

Mosey down to the hub of the baseball fields for the beatdown. Pledge of Allegiance upon arrival when the flag was spotted.

The Thang: The Alphabet

YHC first came up with this workout in December 2017 and the way it goes is that, for each letter in the alphabet, a corresponding exercise was chosen to do 10 reps of either OYO or IC as the Q desired on each one. YHC also explained that since printing out the exercise list almost 5 years ago it’s been my motivation to try as many new exercises as possible for my various Q’s and to note the date they’re done for reference. I’ve gotten through a bunch of them over time but there are still plenty to try. With as many exercises as we have available to us you’d think it wouldn’t be hard to come up with a list of one for each letter. Not so fast my friend, it actually can be quite challenging. Below are some of the more notable ones we did today:

  • Burpees – against my better judgement
  • Daniel Son – like the kick from Karate Kid! Finish Him!!!
  • E2K – aka Elbow to Knee or a variation of oblique crunches
  • Fairy Jacks – look it up
  • Jack Ass Merkin – from the President of the MHC, no less!
  • Outlaw – feet together you make an O shape, we did 10 each direction
  • The Chinook – overhead arm circles with a squat thrown in
  • Up Straddle Hops – looked an awful lot like Side Straddle Hops
  • X Factor – like a bigger version of dying cockroaches
  • Zebra Kicks – whatever

We made it through the first round with time to spare but YHC was prepared and this is what the next rotation looked like.

  • Chinook Squats – Looked an awful lot like The Chinook
  • Diamond Merkins – again, from the Pres
  • Fingertip Merkins – are you kidding me?!?
  • Goofballs – do you even know me?
  • J Lo’s – on all fours, leg parallel to ground, rotate to side then up in the air, worked the glutes a lot. Do each leg
  • Knerkin aka Chuck Norris merkins – another? this is getting stupid. The MHC needs to regroup. For membership inquiry’s DM me on Slack

We finished up the workout with an Indian Run back to the Pelicans and nobody died, so that was good.


Announcements: new Belmont AO (does it have a name?)

Prayer requests: Easy Rider’s watch that makes 911 calls all by itself, Our Nation, Stinky Bird’s back (he had to leave the workout early because of it), Front line workers: police, military, nurses, doctors, teachers

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!