• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/13/2021
  • AO: Labyrinth
  • QIC: Timeframe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Folger (R), Dry Rub, Clavin (R), Captain Stubbing, EZ Rider, Stinky Bird, Timeframe

It was a cold 31 degree morning.  Happy to report that is was dry and the stars were beautiful.  They gave us something to look at while doing all of those Big Boys.

7 HIMs showed to the Snoballs parking lot and where gathered around Lake Whoopeegonnagetcha on YHC’s arrival.  We moved to a drier location in the parking for our good morning salutations and greetings and left the lake front for another time.

Clavin had the flag planted upon arrival and it was now nearing 5:30am.  Time to get busy and make it worth our efforts to rise out of the fartsack like a Phoenix and enter the frozen gloom for the impending beatdown.



SSH x 20 (double count)

20 mountain climbers (double count)

20 merkins (single count)

Mosey to the bank parking lot for a more effective warmup:

Triple Nickle– mountain climbers that side and squats this side x 5.  Much warmer now.

Mosey to the parking lot of the maintenance shed:

20 merkins

20 LBC’s

20 flutters (double count)

It was noticed that there may be several differing mathematical paths to count this.  This led to a discussion about how many legs to count and when to count them.  YHC threw out the veto Q card and defined “double count”.

Above x 15

Above x 10

Mosey to the clubhouse in the middle of the ballfields:

Partner up (one was a group of 3)

P1 runs down to the parking lot and does 10 merkins (there was quite a bit of discussion as to where the sidewalk ends and the parking lot begins.  We the think tank almost had it figured out by 6.  It was a hoot.)

P2 stays and does AMRAP of Big Boys.  The concrete was cold and the stars were big, bright, and plenty.  I think we almost lost EZ Rider to frostbite and Hypothermia.  I am happy to report that he was a trooper and narrowly pulled thru with very little medical attention needed.

This x 3

Rinse and repeat with CDDs in the parking lot (wherever we decided it was) and Heels to Heaven.

This x 3

Mosey to the lower shelter behind the turd shack for:

Step ups x 20 double count..same definition of “double count” as stated above after further discussion.

On the way back to Snoballs we stopped for

20 Squats

Was going to Monkey Humpers but was Omaha’d.

20 oblique crunches each side (after an excellent request from Stinky Bird)

Mosey back to flag:



Mortimer and P200 coming in the near future.

Prayer requests:

Country and leadership

People with Covid

Our families




It was great to see the regulars and to meet Folger.  All the guys were an awesome encouragement as I’ve come to expect but not taken for granted.  Everyone pushed hard, mumble chatter was ridiculous and fun, and it was just a wonderful way to start the day.

It was an honor