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Let me begin with a thank you to Def Leppard for his service in what proved to be one of the most challenging years any of us may ever experience. He is a man that exemplifies all 3 F’s and has always led by example. This is true of all the former Nantan’s; Whoopee, Freight, Tool Time and Stroganoff all share these characteristics and have done a remarkable job in leading F3 Gastonia to become what I feel is the best region in all of F3 Nation. I am both honored and humbled to be chosen to follow in the footsteps of these High Impact Men and promise to make every effort to achieve the high standards they have established.

Thank you to all of the F3 Gastonia PAX for pushing me to levels I never thought possible. Since becoming a part of F3 I’ve been able to set PR’s in multiple races, I have 100’s of men that I now call friends and my faith has grown through bible studies and QSource. That’s what this F3 thing is all about, pushing one another to excel in all areas so that we can be the men that God has called us to be!

Many of you choose a focus word at the beginning of each year to help you improve or strengthen your life. These words could be something like prayer, love, communication or anything related to an area of your life where you feel you need improvement. This same concept can be applied to an organization and the focus word I’ve chosen for F3  Gastonia this year is….


I’ll be communicating more on this topic throughout the year, but when you think of Growth don’t limit your focus to numbers of PAX or improved fitness. Growth applies to all 3 F’s. Grow your personal relationships with other PAX by getting together one on one or in small groups, grow your faith through the study at Coconut Horse or QSource at Crossroads on Sundays or become a part of the Whetstone program and start really working on those things you are struggling with.

Again, I appreciate the opportunity to serve as Nantan and thank each of you for your support. Stay safe and I’ll SYITG!

I’m Broke