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As voted on by the PAX, here are the results for the 2020 F3 Gashouse awards.

PAX of the year
1st place: Broke
2nd place: Freight
3rd place: Def Leppard

Best EHer
1st: Sargento
2nd: Flubber
3rd: Sparky

Rookie of the year
1st: Purple Haze
2nd: Wichita
3rd: Achy Breaky

1st F MVP
1st: Broke
2nd: Dr. Seuss
3rd: Gold Digger

2nd F MVP
1st: Tiger
2nd: Tesla
3rd: Huckleberry

3rd F MVP
1st: Tiger
2nd: Big Pappy
3rd: Sparky

Best Q
1st: Short Sale
2nd: Roscoe
3rd: Freight

Site Q of the year
1st: Sargento
2nd: Wichita
3rd: Dirt

Most supportive
1st: Dr. Seuss
2nd: Wichita
3rd: Sparky

1st: Freight
2nd: Sargento
3rd: Tool Time

Form Police
1st: Sister Act
2nd: Roscoe
3rd: Freight

Fartsacker of the year
1st: Allen Tate
2nd: Roadie
3rd: Medicine Woman

Most Improved
1st: Watts Up
2nd: Flintstone
3rd: Wichita

Well done to all the winners.  I appreciate the opportunity to be the 2nd F Q for 2020. It was a wild year, and we were severely limited on 2nd F opportunities.  With that said, congratulations to the 2021 2nd F Q: Allen Tate.  I’m certain the region is in good hands.