• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/06/2021
  • AO: Labyrinth
  • QIC: Clavin (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: JJ, EZ Rider, Waterboy , Folgers

5 burpees for the train I heard when I opened garage this morning ( EZ Rider admitted to hearing it as well!)
Toy Soldiers, Merkins, plank Jacks all in cadence x10
Very short disclaimer ( found out Folgers fairly new and working towards better physique and running …. chose shorter path to Robinson…
Along way stop for 5 hand release merkins near to Planet Fitness who exhibit small numbers …. I explain that on news spokesperson for them admitted to 50% lower numbers ….EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY FOR EHing I TELL ALL ( And to those 1 1/2 readers of this post!!)
Continue on trek …nur from daycare to covered area
20 dips this side mosey to end for 19 step ups and back each time dropping a number … about halfway through use only 1/2 of covered area ( stop at wooden benches for dips) al the way to 1

Slow mosey to steps that Captain Stubing FORGOT to clean off!!
1 scorpion merkin at top and 1 merkin at bottom …. add 1 merkin at bottom until 5

Uh oh …. 4 for 4 ….. and the streak continues ….
step over ….. and…..
20 lbcs
Wall sits … add a March

train?? EZ Rider makes us do 5 more burpees


Mosey back and finish like we normally begin …
SSH iC x10

Time !!!

Convergence Saturday Folsom only 7am

Prayers for nation ,, those struggling with Covid ,,Folgers continuing to come and improve

Lastly I told all of book I just finished from Danish author Fredrick Backman … ANXIOUS PEOPLE…..this story is partially about suicide and how it affects those around ….this man writes amazing fictional stories that show us who we are deep down , makes you contemplate situations you may or may not have and look at things through another perspective … and his stories are so circuitous that you often wonder where this story develops next …. in fact Tom Hanks is rumored to play Ove ( Pronounced Oo Vay) in a screen version of A MAN CALLED OVE, one of his earliest most popular and critically acclaimed works.. look into it faithful reader.