• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/05/2021
  • AO: The Storm
  • QIC: Tiger
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Sausage, Fife, Sargento, Dr Seuss (R), Breaker Breaker (R), Dirt (R), Watts Up (R), Radar, Nutria, Pilgrims Promise,

5:30 – let’s go! 10 Burpees.  YHC gets going everyone else standing around.  Sounds like a leadership issue.  I need to work on that.  Finally get everyone on board.  10 SSH IC.  Pledge.

Mosey to parking lot beside school.  Run across parking lot 100 LBC, run back to start.  3/4 run across parking lot, 75 merkins.  1/2 was 50 SSH, 1/4 was 25 hand release merkins.  Walk to wall of school.  YHC demos suspension merkins and calls five.

Mosey around corner to back of school.  At wall, triple nickel.  5 suspension merkins (hence the earlier demo) and run up hill for five low slow squats.  Keep mosey a little further to loading dock that has a ramp.

YHC calls for the “hamster wheel”.  Obviously no one is familiar since I had just made thought of it day before.  Line up for bear crawl up ramp, one pax stays back for burpees while other are crawling.  Once round is complete, pax doing burpees falls back in line and another takes his place.  Keep going until everyone gets burpee turn.  This was tough.

Once done, begin mosey to next station, train coming.  Five more burpees.  Mosey to front of school and partner for dora.  100 crunchy frogs, 200 american hammer (pax can’t count), 300 LBC.  Didn’t complete LBC, time to mosey back to flag.

Moleskin: YHC says a word on redemption, had a verse picked out on phone but couldn’t locate (fail).  YHC talks about how each day God grants a new day, we each have the decision on how to use it.  Even if day or days prior were not good ones, we have another chance.

Announcements: Convergence at Folsom Saturday 0700, a lot of talk over last several weeks of new AO on Friday morning at Belmont Central elementary.  Planning soft launch on Jan 15, hopefully have enough momentum to go all in.

Prayer requests: Frontline workers, first responders, future of our nation and our world, Tiger

YHC took us out with prayer

Always an honor