• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/20/2020
  • AO: Downtown
  • QIC: Tesla
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Tesla, Dirt, JJ, EZ Rider, Slaw, Buckshot, Linus, Sister Act, Woodstack

Nine pax showed up for a nippy Friday morning beatdown, some in what looked to be spacesuits and parkas such as YHC has not seen since February 2009 in Northern Greenland, well inside the Arctic Circle. I have to say, the morning gloom did remind YHC of a mid to late morning in those environs. But the comparison ended there because it was usually about 10 degrees with a -15 wind chill giving the place all the ambiance of Mars. Tell Elon I don’t need to go now. Beatdown went like this:


Arm stretches

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Cotton Pickers X 20

Foot to hand stretches X both sides

Nolan Ryans X 10 each side

Mtn. Climbers X 20

Mosey to the bottom of the big hill.

Pole line suicides.

Run to the each pole, drop and do the assigned work and back as follows:

Pole 1 – 10 burpees

Pole 2 – 20 squats

Pole 3 – 30 big boys

Pole 4 – 40 merkins

Pole 5 – 50 SSH

Road crossing (main street) – 60 LBCs.

Mosey over to the parking deck for a literal ladder.

1st floor – 10 HR merkins

2nd floor – 10 Hr merkins + 15 American Hammers

3rd floor – 10 HR merkins + 15 American hammers + 20 jump lunges

4th floor – 10 HR merkins + 15 AHs + 20JL + 25 jump squats

5th floor – 10 HR merkins + 15 AHs + 20 JL +25 JS +30

6th floor – 10 Hr merkins, 15 AH + 20 JL + 25 JS + 30  +35 SSH

Head back to the flag for a trip around the pavillion as follows:

1st 90 – Bear crawl

2nd 90 – broad jump

3rd 90 – lunges

4th 90 – crab walk

Pledge and done!


Outside of the temp being @ 40 and the north star nowhere near dead over the top of us, it looked like Thule Airbase based on the pax level of cover! Felt nostalgic for the old North Star lounge and the polar bear signs that said WARNING: This animal will hunt you, kill you, and eat you! So much for feeding the bears.

Pax worked hard today. Good group if a little thin form normal. Maybe that buttermilk doesn’t thing. We certainly drank it!

Lots of things on the horizon coming up. Thanksgiving day “triple down”, Christmas party, leadership opportunities. Step up men! Downtown Qs needed.