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  • When: 02/02/2019
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  • PAX: VooDoo, Sweet Leaf, Cheese Head, Short Sale, Watts-Up, Rudolph, HIPAA (QIC)


1 word can sum it all up – EXHAUSTED

At this point in the festival we all just wanna go home and jump in the Fartsack. But we got 1 more show to do.

The Thang:

10 KB Swings  in 1 minute. If you finish your 10 KB swings before 1 minute is up do another exercise (Merkins, LBC’s, Dips, etc.)

We did this for 25 minutes. If you did the math that’s 250 KB Swings with some EC mixed in

We did 10 per minute as the focus was on form. You are also able to grab a heavier weight and get a solid 10 in.

We have plenty of time left so let’s start working on Turkish get-ups.

Because how do you get better at Turkish Get-Ups???

Jocko : Do Turkish Get-Ups!

Side note, if you do KB work the Swing and TGU are the only 2 exercises you need to get a painful workout in.

Rudolph led the PAX in a how-to session. Take off your shoe, balance the shoe on a closed fist, perform a TGU.


Repeat again

Repeat once more

Put your smelly shoe back on and grab a Kettlebell.

Do Turkish Get ups – 5 reps per side


BootCampers were back so lets mingle with them for some MARY





Thank you all for letting me lead you today during PainLab. Always get excited about Saturdays and this AO is why. Great way to push yourself with some added weight.