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  • When: 02/23/2019
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  • QIC: Pockets
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  • PAX: Edison, Anchorman, Top Hat, War Wagon (FNG), Dirt, Doodles, Pockets

6:45. The QIC waiting in the truck watching it rain and hoping no one shows. 6:54 one car pulls up, then 2, and next thang ya know, we got a small crowd. I guess I can’t go back home now! With the CSAUP already in action,  I wanted to do some running as well.  With the addition of a FNG I decided to take out the 3 mile warmup. I’m not sure if I gave a great disclaimer on this either.


SSH in cadence


Mosey up to the track. 

Dora. With 4 corners. 10 rounds.

SSH 100 at corner 1 

Squat 200 corner 2 

 LBC 300 corner 3

Overhead clap 400  Corner 4

mosey to the picnic shelter

60 reps of incline merkins, step ups, and dips. Starting with 10 of each then 20 and the last round was 30. Great call by Anchorman!

By this time we noticed the guys out running the CSAUP stopping in. Mosey to the street corner and do a zombie walk back to the start. Pledge  with the runners and named our FNG. Mosey over to the Yank for COT.



Rooster this Saturday 3-2-19 still need a few.


Prayer request

There are many request every day by our PAX,  pray for each other. Stop and talk to a PAX that you haven’t spent time with.  Your prayers work! God is Great!!!

Welcome Jake our newest member named War wagon.