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  • When: 02/27/2019
  • AO:
  • QIC: Watts-Up
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Clavin (R), Def Leppard (R), Honey Do (FNG)(R), Gastone, HIPAA, HunkaJunk, Island, JJ, Marco, Pedal, Turtle Man, VooDoo, Watts-Up (QIC)

A Monday a couple of weeks ago, YHC was voluntold he would get to the privilege of VQ’ing BullDog today.  Luckily most those same HIMs decided not to fartsack this fine NC morning and came to feel the bite of BullDog.  And would you believe a FNG to boot!



Since we had a FNG (Alan), HIPAA stepped in where the Q failed to give Alan all the required information.



Grass Pickers (IC)

Hillbillies (IC)

Sand Shakers (OYO)


The Bite:

6 Stations

2 Minute AMRAP

Rotate to the next station.


Round 1:

Burpees or Kettlebell Swings


Monkey Humpers


Bottom ½ Curl

Calf Raises


Round 2:

Burpees or Kettlebell Swings


Gorilla Humpers

Pretzel Crunch

Top ½ Curl

OverHead Shoulder Raises


Round 3:

Burpees or Kettlebell Swings

Diamond Merkins

Crab Humpers

Reverse Crunch

Full Curl

Tricep Press



Lots of chatter about the how long two minutes are (that is what she said) and the suck factor.



Mt. Mitchell Outing – May 5th

Convergence @ Folsom – March 30th

Island is Q for SnoBalls on February 27th


Prayer to close it out.


Welcome FNG Honey Do!


TClap to HIPAA for the advice and assistance.


Thanks to  all in the PAX.  On this journey,  I have been the six on the reg.  I am down over 20#, stronger and faster.  I am still the six, but not quite as far back.


Watts-Up powering down…