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  • When: 11/20/2018
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  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Clavin (R), Hunk-A-Junk, VooDoo, Rudolph, Madoff, Moped (R), Defib, Pedal, HIPAA (QIC)

Finally after consecutive weeks at Bulldog we finally have a morning with no rain! YHC was excited to get out from under the awning and be able to spread out a little and utilize the parking lot a little. That said i loaded up the M’s minivan with some coupons, some new and some old. Finally invested in some of those fancy cinder blocks, not sure why I haven’t done this before. Literally almost 160Lbs for like 6 bucks!

Word on the street was we were going to have 4 FNG’s. Well we didn’t have that; However, we did have 2 cotters come out and join us. Welcome back Moped and Hunk-A-Junk!!

Total PAX in attendance for week # 2 at Bulldog: 9!







Tire pull (This was the timer) – pull 4 times
Curls – cinder blocks
Suitcase deadlift & shrug – buckets
Renegade rows – dumbells
Arnold press – dumbells
Shadow boxing – dumbells
Chest press – cinder blocks
Crushers – slam ball
Skull crushers – kettlebell
Goblet squat – kettlebell
Blockees – cinderblock
Rinse and Repeat

It was during the 2nd round of circuits that the 60Lb. sandbag on top of the tire decided it had enough getting drug around and busted open. Needless to say the 60Lb. bag quickly became about 20Lbs. That means the PAX dropped roughly 40Lbs. of sand outta their V during this strenuous beat down. Congrats!

Pseudo Planche Merkins

MARY – Round the horn style




Prayers requests

Madoff took us out, thank you sir!

Thanks men for coming out. Always a pleasure. Appreciate the help kicking the extra sandy V to the curb after the workout. Didn’t want anyone else showing up to Bess, accidentally picking it up and carrying it with them.