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  • When: 11/22/2018
  • AO:
  • QIC: 4-Leaf
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Bedpan, 4-Leaf (F3ENC), Montross, Donuts, Swanson, Hacksaw, Usher (FNG), V6 (F3 The Fort), Corndog (FNG)

I will get to the workout, but I need to say a few things first.

I will start here…I may live in Dallas, but if you ask me where I am from, I will unapologetically tell you I am from BC! This workout was about 8 years in the making, but the roots go back even further to Bessemer City Junior High. Somewhere about 8 years ago, a group of guys who went to school together at BC started Twitter conversations, which turned into a Fantasy Football League, which turned into a group text that has been going ever since. Almost every day, there are texts…for 8 years or so. It was Folsom Group Me before I was a part of Folsom Group Me. Some days, well over 100 texts, not to mention countless memes, photoshop pics, and inside jokes. We get together from time to time and it is always fun, with plenty of trash talk.

Around March, I start talking about F3 in our texts, hoping to help get at least a few of the guys involved and in shape. Around July, Nick Ledford calls me on a Sunday night saying his weight loss and diet had plateaued and he was ready to join F3, so I gave him the low down to help prepare him for his FNG post in Greenville, NC. He was named 4-Leaf by F3ENC that next morning and months later, he is still going strong. I get random texts at 6:30 am telling me how many miles he has rucked or what he did at workout. He has lost 63 lbs this year (some before F3). Upon joining F3, he found his niche with rucking. I have been pushing the rest of these guys to try F3 and slowly but surely, V6 and Swanson gave it a shot (V6 is a Crossfit guy in Fort Mill so he stays in shape with his own methods…all good by me). Swanson is local and recently started attending some workouts at Folsom.

4-Leaf told me over the weekend his VQ would be a ruck Q on Monday in Farmville. He asked for some advice and his plan looked good to me. He also said that he would be in town visiting family this week, so I asked him to guest Q. Immediately, he was down like a clown and the stage was set.

Brick Hill joined us for a ruck to scope out the park at Prison Break yesterday and was dubbed Donuts (group text inside joke). His brother Zack joined us today and was named Corndog. In addition, Hacksaw brought a FNG as well. Kyle is now known as Usher. He seems like a great young man and obviously is ready to get it done, proven by rucking with Huck’s heavy-ass pack all morning! With Folsom full of new guys and 75% of our BC group text, here is what went down.


4-Leaf is a Notre Dame fan (and a ginger) so he brought an Irish-inspired wprkout (with a few sprinkles of Thanksgiving). His Irish are 11-0! So 11 counts for errrythang.

* 11ct turkey (ruck sack) curls IC (may have actually been single count
* 11ct turkey merkins single count

The thang
* Ruck to amphitheater with tire, group carry, rotate in groups of 4 (this is Roadies Big Ass Tire, BTW)
* Packs off, against the wall for Peoples Chair – we pass ruck packs while 1 PAX flip tire 5 times, next person in line jumps on tire. PAX continues to pass the turkeys till everyone flips dat rock!
* Packs on, ruck to backside of the pond and into the trees
* People’s Chair Touchdown Jesus ‘ruck overhead press 11ct single count (he said it was IC but I let him know that was not IC!!!)
* Packs on, ruck around the pond and to the hillside.
* In the frosty grass, on our backs for 11ct turkey (ruck bag) chest press as we pass bags down the line. Thst makes 99 chest presses for each man. Plank until all turkeys are through!
* Packs on, back to amphitheater
* Turkey curls while 1 pax flips tire 5 times, next pax up! Everyone not flipping is curling until all men have flipped that rock!
* Packs on, partner carry the tire back to flag (rotating along the way)
* Montross calls 5 burpees because…Montross

4-Leaf asked every man tells what they are thankful for. Thanks for sharing guys!

  • Pledge

  • Corndog, Usher are born

4-Leaf took is out in prayer.

Prayer requests:
Corndog and Donuts’ grandmother, Montross’ aunt, Bedpan’s wife (maybe another? Apologies if I forgot)


Ingles at 6:15, Christmastown 5k on Saturday, Operatikn Sweet Tooth

Moleskin (Montross):

Thanks to 4-Leaf for delivering the ruck workout today. I learned a few things but most importantly, it was great to see some good friends join me at Folsom today. Hearing 4-Leaf talking at breakfast about how much better he is sleeping now after starting F3 and how much “better” he feels is inspiring to me. A sad-clown has been saved guys! I hope to see a few of these guys fight off the power of the fartsack and continue to join us.

F3 has been great for my health (well, not my hip LOL) and has introduced me to a great group of new friends that not only have my back, but are a good source of encouragement and set good examples of how to be a good God-loving man. All I want to do is share it with my non-F3 friends ’cause I am a Kool-Aid drinkin’ mutha….! The crew that invaded Folsom today is a special group. We give each other hell, but we have become good friends through it and I know they are the kind of guys you can count on if you need help…some F3-type guys! Hope you guys get to meet some of them soon in the Gloom!