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  • When: 11/17/2018
  • AO:
  • QIC: Hippa / Painlab, Linus / Bootcamp
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Madoff, Yahtzee, VooDoo, Lil' Sweet, Roscoe, Stroganoff, Clavin, Timeframe, Google, Moses, JJ, Top Hat, Pedal


Warm Up:

SSH – 20 in cadence

Merkins – 20 IC

LBC – 20 IC plus a squirrel sighting

Squats – 10 IC with no squirrel sighting, sigh…..

Painlab, to your thing.  As for us, we have a turkey to catch.  As promised, there would be multiple wildlife sightings on our journey, and of course each one would mean additional work.  From the Schiele, to Grier, to FPC (wait for the traffic light), to the Stop Sign at top of Burtonwood, we encountered hundreds upon thousands of turkeys.  Uh, wait, no.  It was more like 16 or 24 (I forget how many I made).   Each bird had a surprise whether it be 25 Merkins or 50 (?)(Pax calls it out).  Finished our first round of Turkey Shoot and headed to FPC parking lot.

About mid point between the Burtonwood Stop Sign and the steps at the Pad we played a game of Dora 1,2, 3’s with partner.  Partner one runs to top of steps while Partner 2 does one round sequence of 10 merkins, 20 squats, and 30 flutter kicks.  Seems I’m having issues explaining this here, funny, maybe it was the blood flowing but I seemed to have explained it so well that morning.  Or maybe I’ve not had my coffee yet and it was a disastrous Q fail and I’ve got it correct here.  Let’s go back to finding birds.

Poor bird we’ve aptly named ‘Quick Bird’ is already practically roasted and we send him out for more games of tag.  Pax, gather round, here is what we are going to do.

One Pax takes the bird and places him within whatever vicinity he feels compelled to do.  While pax one places bird, the balance of us will do SSH until he returns.  Pax returned, let’s go get the bird.

Round One:  SSH / Lunge to bird

Round Two:  WWI Sit Ups / Bunny Hop to bird (bird about 300 yards out, Madoff and Roscoe made it in three jumps)

Round Three:  Mountain Climbers (maybe?) / Bear Crawl to bird

Round Four:  Squats / Crab Walk to bird

Large Perimeter:  Change bird hunt to larger perimeter of church.  Ready….

Round One:  SSH / Run to bird

Round Two:  WWI / Mosey to bird, that is ‘Mosey with Moses’ to bird, Moses placed bird in parking spot and there were 173 to choose from, took a minute.

Round Three:  Merkins / Partner Nur to bird

Round Four:  Merkins / Karaoke to bird

Bird in hand, not a good hider but a good sport.  We’ve bagged the bird, time to eat though his goose is already cooked.  Mosey with Moses back to the Schiele.  Great mumble chatter group.  I had a blast this morning.

Time, yes……

Pledge:  whoops….missed this earlier, Madoff great reminder.


See Hippa for T-shirts, out on F3 Mudgear site now.  Need minimum of 12 for each print, push is to get Bulldog shirts but also any other bulk orders to combine for shipping costs.  11/23 is deadline.  Shirts styles offered in a quite impressive array of a ‘seasonal’ (Hippa) style

12/15 Christmas party at Kiiish (spelled how I like) and M’s place, look for details online

Christmastown 5K, show or support


Nikki Bailey and for safe holiday travels.

I need Q’s for Gashouse please if you have made it this far.

That’s all for now, until next time……