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  • When: 10/31/2018
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Well, being Halloween and the fact that HIPAA had pre-blasted his Halloween Q extravaganza, YHC didn’t expect a large turnout for PrisonBreak. The fact that no one showed up obviously meant they all must have posted at SnoBalls for Hipaa’s Q. After further investigation, it was concluded that only 1 of our PrisonBreak regulars actually posted there. That being said, as Site Q, I posted for my AO.


I ran some 1 mile intervals. I’d mosey a mile then mall walk about 30 seconds controlling breathing,  then run again. YHC has been trying to get his 5k time under 27 minutes. Not being a runner per say, I’ve put that goal out there to work towards. Baby steps as I see it.


I prayed for all the fartsackers to post Folsom Thursday.