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The start of something new

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  • When: 11/06/2018
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  • PAX: VooDoo, Clavin (R), Pedal, Rudolph, Roadie, HIPAA (QIC)

There had been talks amongst some of the Pain Lab regulars lately about the possibility of starting a new AO during the week to get some extra weight training in. Let’s be honest, if you only lift weights 1 day a week, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Not saying its a complete waste of time as we do a very rigorous workout on Saturdays, but you should be doing it twice a week. Now for most of us we probably do our own weight training thing at home or attend a gym to get in that extra muscle pump. While that is great and all, I often miss the fellowship of my F3 brothers in the gloom when I’m by myself. YHC had approached the F3 Gastonia board with the mention of possibly starting a new AO. I got the green light to proceed and if we had a consistent turnout we could go live. That said I eagerly got to work. Going through the list of active PAX, Looking at regular Pain Lab attendees, Geo Mapping based on PAX zip code to find that perfect AO spot, finding a spot that has growth potential based on future land development and most importantly a site that is very ,very close to my house. Based on all of that analytical data, YHC decided on WA Bess Elementary. If this ends up going live as an official AO, there are a few more elements as to why this location was chosen that I will share later. 1 element I shared with the PAX this AM and its in the picture below. See if you can find it…


So YHC just got done setting up when i see the first car arrive. As WA Bess is an official election station I wasnt sure if it was an early voter or a PAX. I recognized the truck, VooDoo is the 1st on scene. Great to see him out here and marks Day 2 of his F3 journey! Clavin then rolls in followed by Rudolph then Pedal. 5:28 and here comes a big a$$ truck. This MUST be a Folsom guy. No one in South Gastonia owns a truck this large, although VooDoo is very close. It’s Roadie! Thanks brother for making the long trip, I promise you wont be disappointed! While I stated to to the PAX this was not an official F3 workout, YHC was going to treat is as such.

Quick rundown of the new site


Queue the music – Start off the AM right with some Baba O’Reiley!

Warm up #1

MNC IC x 15

Toy Soldiers IC x 15

Warmup #2 – Kettlebell light warmup

Wood Chopper x 10 Left
Figure Eight x 10
Push Press x 10 Right
Push Press x 10 Left
Side Lunge x 10 Right
Side Lunge x 10 Left
Halo x 10 Right
Halo x 10 Left

The Thang:

Kettlebell 11’s

30 KB Swings, 10 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 1 BBSU
30 Hammer Curls, 9 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 2 BBSU
30 Upright Rows, 8 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 3 BBSU
30 Tricep Extensions, 7 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 4 BBSU
30 Lawnmowers (15/15), 6 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 5 BBSU
30 Chest Presses, 5 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 6 BBSU
30 Renegade Rows (15/15) 4 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 7 BBSU
30 American Hammers, 3 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 8 BBSU
30 Goblet Squats, 2 Pseudo Planche  Merkins, 9 BBSU
30 Snatches (15/15), 1 Pseudo Planche Merkins, 10 BBSU

30 Pullovers

PAX Choice – Rudolph Called Curls

Curls – 2 sets 8-10 reps each arms

Rudolph is an outstanding trainer. PAX need to listen as he teaches great form. This is important to maximize pump, muscle growth and to reduce injury.

YHC back with the lead. I like the curl theme so lets continue it.

21’s are called – 7 full curls, 7 upper half curls, 7 bottom half curls – rest and repeat one more time.

By this time we had an early voter walk by to check us out. His name was Scott and works for Hendrick automotive, Or at least that’s what his shirt said. EH was in full effect. All 6 PAX were heavily engaged and paused the workout to HC to EH’ng this gentleman. But as Rudolph pointed out it gave the PAX a few extra minutes to catch their breath. YHC quickly saw what was happening and called 5 burpees OYO.




XMAS Party Dec. 15th. Look out for email blast for RSVP.

Convergence 11/10

3rd F Event 11/10 immediately after convergence

F3 Dad’s 11/11 – Martha’s House – Roscoe Q

Prayer requests:

Pedal’s parents. If anyone knows a good landscape company please let him know!

YHC took us out


Men, truly an honor and privilege to lead you this morning. I was very pleased to see the turnout. Some might say well that wasn’t a lot of PAX but this is a great average number of PAX for a Pain Lab type workout. Thanks for your commitment to help this site succeed and turn into a full time AO. As YHC stated in closing today, I plan to lead every one of these workouts this month. No need to worry about Q’ng or writing a weinke, I got you covered. Just show up! Keep spreading the word about this at your other regular AO’s. See you all next week!





  1. Clavin

    I just realized … you had promised the name unveiling …. but we were left hanging like a chad …. or must we write one in? Perhaps a runoff in November?

    • HIPAA

      Name has been picked by YHC as there are many things that tie into it. However, not saying its finalized and open to all suggestions

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