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  • When: 8/31/16
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  • QIC: Hushpuppy
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Easy rider - Dr. Feel Good - Squirt - Bandit - Defib - Stroganoff - Bandit - Squeeker - Bacon - Spiderman

The workout started at 5:29 pm, with YHC’s standard disclaimer as I suggested the pax get back in the car and go home. None took me up on the suggestion so the workout began.
The warmup:
Mosey to KFC for some breakfast rocks. As YHC led the PAX down the road, I looked over my shoulder, saw no car, looked up the road, saw no car, turned to cross the street and there was a car! The pack of PAX had obstructed my view. Thanks to the driver for good breaks. Once everyone grabbed a rock we were then over to the empty parking lot for the warmup.
SSH x 25 IC
LBC’s x 15 IC
Dying Cockroach x 15 IC
At this point I looked across the parking lot towards the restuarant in the small shopping plaza, and I saw what appeared to be a statue of a penguin holding a surfboard in front of the restaurant. I asked “I don’t have my glasses, is that a statue of a penguin holding a surfboard? Or an overflowing trashcan?”  No, I was not hallucinating, I thought it was a little playful statue in front of the restaurant! Then it moved. It was a person sitting on a bench, and the bench had a large oval on the back of it.
Imperial walkers X 15 IC
Merkins X 10 IC
After several minutes of trying to count cadence and laugh at myself, it was time for tha thang:
Mosey with rock around the parking lot to a big open wall.
People’s chair with rock on lap until YHC counted 15 mississippi’s under his breath,
Then hold the rock out front for 15 Mississippi’s, then over the head presses 25 X OYO.
Recover, then lunge walk short distance across parking lot and return to wall, wash, rinse, repeat of the people’s chair. AsI Mississippi’d it gave me plenty of time to ponder the mornings misfortune and the fact that I called another human being who was probably not in the best place in life, an overflowing trashcan. Not cool. Hope they didn’t’ hear.
After another round of the people’s chair, mosey 1 lap around the parking lot and return to the wall. For chair, lunge walk, chair, mosey.
This was repeated 3 times, with a couple sets of Mike Tyson’s thrown in for fun.
Then, we moseyed to the end of some parking spaces and lined up on the yellow line for 7’s. Did squats on one end with the rock, mosey’d to other end of
parking spaces and did merkins. Once complete, we mosey’d back to KFC to drop off the rocks in the culvert and found a step for some dips.
Dips x 13 IC
Then the Pledge was made, and mosey’d down the street to a field full of boulders.
The Q ridiculously called lunge walk across the field doing a burpee at every other boulder. As we crossed the field the people’s chair was burning strong in our legs so an Omaha was called for the return trip. Bear crawl with a merkin at every boulder! This also was surprisingly hard on the quads and some of us may have skipped a few boulders. . . As everyone else completed Dr. Feelgood was still diligently pressing at every boulder, determined to complete the exercise without modification so YHC and some others joined him and finished out, making up for what some of us skipped. Then it was back to the starting point for 6 minutes of Mary to finish out the workout!
Announcements: Habitat build next 3 Saturdays, 9am after coffeerama, contact Whoopee. Q needed for the Storm on Monday Labor day, Contact Defib. Monroe Launch is October 8th, Hushpuppy is participating and would like some Pax to travel with him.
Prayer requests, T-Square and family, Several people battling cancer, kids returning to school, prayers for students and teachers.