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  • When: 08/31/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Huckleberry
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roadie, Belt, Medicine Woman, Garfield, Gomer

6 took to the gloom at Folsom this morning. 6 took the #DRP and resisted the comforts of the fartsack, although not all in attendance resisted the comforts of a fart.

conditions: 73, little muggy.

warmups: CDD x 30IC, good morning x 25IC, Moroccan nightclubs x 65IC (the plan was to do 30 but I continued hoping some of the regulars would roll in hot), and side trunk stretches x 25IC

mosey down to the bottom of the lower parking lot (sorry Gomer) hill by the concession stand for a little triple nickel. up the hill, 5 merkins. down the hill, 5 squat jumps. repeat x 5.

mosey over to the amphitheater for donkey kicks x 25. YHC asked if everyone was awake.  one pax said no.  ok then, 25 more donkey kicks.  this seemed to get everyone awake.  proceeded with ascending testicles.  planned on more donkey kicks and ascending testicles, but medicine woman said he felt a wasp on his ear.  YHC cannot confirm this, but in the sake of safety, we took off.

mosey a bit, drop for 10 diamond merkins.  mosey a bit, drop for 10 wide arm merkins.

mosey back to the parking lot for get to know your bro. YHC will ask the questions, the answers determine the number of exercises.  question one: number of kids. Belt with 2. 2×3= 6 burpees.  question two: # of states lived in. Roadie with 4. 4×3= 12 8 count body builders.  question three: age. Garfield with 38. 38 merkins.  question four: years married.  YHC with 8. 8×3= 24 squats.  question five: months in f3.  gomer with 2.  this wasn’t enough, so we added. 30 lbc. question six: birth year.  medicine woman with 1977. 77 mountain climbers. question seven: birth month. Belt with November.  11 lunges each leg.  after every exercise, we sprint to the other end of the parking lot.

circle up for rosalita x 15IC, dolly x 10IC, flutter kicks x 10IC, 5 one-legged double merkin burpees, a 10 merkin ring of fire and 22 merkins to honor our veterans.  we had one minute left, medicine woman called SSH x 10 to close us out. TIME.

COT: announcements: f3 the fort will be having a charity golf outing for one of their pax who lost a daughter.  medicine woman is working on a CSAUP event. prayer requests: YHC’s M will be having surgery tomorrow – would appreciate prayers.

BOM: YHC took us out.

nice work, men. humbled and honored to be a part of this group. until next time.

Philippians 4:13