• Post Type:
  • When: 8/18/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Blart, Tool Time
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Def leppard,slaw, Edison ,Lil sweet,As..H pond,Short sale ,Freight, Ringo,Floppy disk,

Warm up.      SSH-  25. IC.

MNC-  25IC

Squats-25 IC

The thang.  .   Mosey to soccer feild  where did combo of sprint  and karaoke  around field using coupons  during karaoke. .. then 15 burpees.  Then around again and 15 squats ….around again 15 lundges….

Mosey to playground for 5 pull ups then 10 merkins ×3.

Mosey back to soccer field for some more colt .45.    This time curls ….15×  up half way …15× up from half ….then 15 full.  Then 1 set of 15 dips with coupon  all ×3.      “Thanks for the push Freight”  don’t q it if you can’t  do it….. “almost got me there”

And no I did not forget the pledge. As.h  pond  so attention  salute  pledge just like vbs

Mosey back to turd shack for some shoulder work.  15 shoulder taps then 15 squats ×3

Mosey to flag for announcements and prayer

Thanks to all those at different AO’s that have stuck it out for so long to give me this opportunity  GOD. is. so gOOD. …and right  on time….