• Post Type:
  • When: 8-20-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Sargento
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Kiish, Flush, Edison, DDC, FNG Serena

The day started with an awesome sunrise of crazy colors across the sky followed by several strong men to post for this week’s version of the Fighting Yank. As start time drew near YHC stated that there was a guy he’d EH’ed for a while and gave a hard commit for today’s workout….no show. We made our way down to the nest to start the festivities. After a real short disclaimer a text popped up on my phone from the FNG to be, he had had technical difficulties but was on his way! With this in mind, we started the warm-up but saved a little for the imminent arrival of said FNG.

Side Straddle Hop x20 IC

Pretzel Crunch x15IC

Don Quixote x15IC

Mountain Climbers x20


Suzanne Somers x10IC

After this the FNG arrived, so I gave a proper disclaimer (I’m an idiot, we’re all idiots, go home now, follow me at your own risk, it’s not our fault if you get hurt, etc.) and then got back to the warm-up so the FNG didn’t start completely cold.


Merkin x10IC

Mosey around the fountain and across the street to the side street beside Sammy’s for the start of the Thang.

Ring of Fire – 9 stations each with a fancy paper sign designating the exercise. At each station there was 60 seconds of work with 30 second breaks in between, rotate down the line. (There were supposed to be 10 stations but I dropped the ball on the last one somewhere) The stations were:

1.ABC’s 2.Wall Sits 3.Rocky Balboas 4.Lil Baby Dips 5.Lunges 6.Imperial Walkers 7. Carolina Dry Docks 8.Morrocan Night Clubs 9.Bobby Hurleys

After this we gathered up all the papers, being the responsible citizens we are, deposited them at the nest and moseyed up to the field behind the school.

King of Hearts (not sure why it’s named this other than the fact that it’ll get your heart rate way up!). This is a routine of however many reps of suicides that the Q comes up with. Ours were:

Regular sprints to the closest soccer goal, then to the next goal, finally to the far end. Plank for the 6. This was so hard YHC called an Omaha to reduce the next two circuits down to only the first two goals.

Karaoke suicides next.

High Knee Skips to finish. After all this we were pretty toasted but not burnt so YHC called the next exercise up:

Three Amigos – since we had 6 PAX in attendance it worked out nicely. Groups of 3 go back to back to form the people’s chair for each other. For good measure, the exercise calls for each group to then move from on place to another in the prescribed position. We tried making to a certain point but after about 25 yards we gave out. That crap was HARD!

Mosey down to the adjacent parking lot for the last routine.

Wave of Merkins – First person does 1 merkin, then the next until it goes all the way around, then 2 merkins all the way around all the way up to 11 merkins each. Tough! After some digging deep and strong work by everyone we finished up strong. Nice work!

Mosey back to the nest for some quick wrap up.

Peter Parker Peters x7IC

Low Country Crab x5IC (rough)

Dolly x20IC (mumble chatter, YES!)

Flutter Kicks x20IC (more mumble chatter)

Nolan Ryan x10 each side IC

It was a great time with you guys this morning. As always, it was nice having an FNG post to share the F3 experience with. Great work Travis Nixon…I mean Serena! Welcome and we’ll see you again soon.

Until next time men, AYE!