• Post Type:
  • When: 08/10/2016
  • AO:
  • QIC: Ez Rider (VQ)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: T-Square, Stoganoff, Bandit, Billy Madison, Spiderman, Hush Puppy, Bacon, Squeeker, Woodstock

First Backblast (will improve in the future)

10 Pax for my VQ

No FNG’s but still gave the disclaimer



SSH X 15, Merkins X 15, & LBC X 15

The Thang:

Mosey toward the soccer fields for some four corner fun but made a couple of stops on the way.  About half way we all stopped and did 20 fast LBDs, continued on down and completed 20 stair climbers on the picnic tables.  Mosey on down to dark soccer fields , # 1 I think (couldn’t see)  After eyes adjusted to the light ( the lack of) we started our four corner fun.

Round #1  – sprint(watching or feeling for hole) to corner #1 and do 10 merkins, sprint to corner #2 for 10 squats, sprint to corner # 3 for 10 LBC, sprint to corner #4 and plank until everyone is complete.

Round #2 – Rinse and repeat round 1 but double the count.

Round #3  – sprint to corner #1 and do 30 dying cockroach, sprint to corner #2 for 30 flutter kicks (watch for ants), sprint to corner # 3 for 30 Mtn Climbers, sprint to corner #4 and Al Gore  until everyone is complete.

Round #4 – Rinse and repeat round 3 and increase count to 40 per corner.

WOW! time didn’t go as fast as i thought (reversed my list with a few extras on the way back)

Mosey back to the restrooms to find a strong wall for the 10 hip slappers with a derkin and 10 donkey kicks to finish up with the wall.  Mosey back to the picnic tables for a 15 more stair climbers.  Mosey back toward our starting point but stop half way to get in 15 more fast LBDs.

Ok, we get back to our starting point and still have 10 mins to complete.  So each member of the pax picked their favs to complete the time.  I remember some Homer to marge, merkins, flutter kicks, LBC, Don Quixotes, and then it is a blur (everyone did get in their fav in the LONG 10 mins we had left.


Thanks everyone for allowing me to lead!!! I look forward to each work out and enjoy it all