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  • When: 08/11/16
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  • QIC: Tool Time
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  • PAX: Def Leppard, Slaw, Blart, Billy Madison, Floppy Disk, Freight, Ash Pond, Lil Sweet,Wilson, Tool Time


SSH- 25 IC

Don Quixote’s – 15 IC

Squats- 25 IC

Moroccan Night Clubs- 100 IC ( was supposed to be 30) but  Def Leppard rolled in late so YHC kept these going until he joined us! This definitely stirred up the mumble chatter!

The Thang:

Everyone knew it was going to happen….Core time by Tool Time Amped (huh)

In and Outs with arms up -25

Freddie Mercury’s forward with arms up in seated V position – 25 /Then Backwards for 25

Crunchy Frog – 25

Wide leg sit-ups – 25

Fifer Scissors- 25

Hip Rock and Raise – 25

Heels to Heaven- 25

V-Up/Roll-ups -25

Oblique V-ups Right Side -25 /Then Left side -25

Leg Climbs Right leg – 12/ Then Left Leg 12

And to put the cherry on top….

American Hammers -50

And now for the AMPED part…..it wasn’t over….

High Plank/Low Plank Pulse tucks- 8H/8L x4( some of the PAX couldn’t get past the fact that it may look similar to a movement one might do with the M! Definitely stirred up mumble chatter and lots of laughing although Freight said my form was impeccable.)

High Plank Peter Parkers- 25 IC

Low Plank Peter Parkers – 25 IC

At this point Ash Pond decided to roll in (30 mins into this torture) …so YHC decided ….More torture!

Moroccan Night Clubs- 100 IC  until he joined  us!

Back to the core…..

Abdominal C – Sit position session….no break in-between these..

Twists- 25

Twist with Alternate knee raise-25

A Frame twists -25

A Frame knee raise- 25

At this point we were about 35 mins into the workout and hadn’t left where .so started…why leave now!

C –Sit position single leg  right then left  20 each ( in C-sit position hold leg off ground 6 inches then bring knee in extend leg back out and raise as high as you can = 1 rep)

And to wrap up the core time….

Both legs together – 10 x2……

We ended the workout with a nice mose.cy to get the hip flexors feeling really good…circle up at the Flag and say the Pledge!



Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.


It was an honor to lead today men!

Tool Time