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  • When: 07/27/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Huckleberry
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Allen Tate, Hank, Roadie, Gomer, Sparky, Medicine Woman, Floyd

8 men posted to Folsom this morning. allen tate and floyd coming in hot, so we met them at their trucks. it’s 05:30, let’s get it.

after a longer than needed mosey (in which we passed sparky), stop for warmups. good mornings x 20IC, Morrocan nightclubs x 53IC and monkey humpers x 15IC.

the thang

mosey to the far concession stand for some donkey kicks x 20OYO.

mosey back to the tennis courts for some Dora.  100 merkins, 200 mountain climbers, 300 side straddle hops.  p1 does his half while p2 runs suicides.  once p1 finished their 50 merkins, we switch.  p2 x 50 merkins, p1 runs suicides.  instead of p1 waiting for p2 to get back, we switched it and made p2 wait till p1 was done.

after this we had time for lazy Dora. 50 Carolina dry docks, 100 flutter kicks and 150 lbcs. same format as above.

circle up for an 11 merkins ring of fire, 22 merkins to honor our veterans. Allen Tate wanted more lbcs, so we dropped for 25OYO.  we end with 5 one-legged double merkin burpees.

mosey back to the starting point as we’re out of time.

COT: no announcements.  prayer request: the pasour family.  BOM: YHC took us out.

nice work, men.  always an honor to be amongst you. until next time…

Philippians 4:13