9 PAX made their way out for the first workout of the second half of 2016 but had to strain their ears to hear the weak vocal offerings of the Q. Some annoying virus has infected his household and it was YHC’s turn to endure the coughing and hacking that it brings. In true F3 form, what better way to shake a bug than to post? Let’s do it!


Word of the Week & Month


Goof Ball x15 IC

Don Quixote x15 IC

MNC x30 IC

A short mosey west through the parking lot behind the former Tequila’s around to Main Avenue for round of Route 66. At the first light post the PAX would complete 1 merkin. At the next light 2 merkins and so on until the 11th light post where a full 11 merkins were completed. This brings your grand total to 66. Viola, Route 66!

Mosey to the long wall between FUMC’s youth building and the bank for a round of the Triple Check. The PAX coagulated into teams of 3 (and one of 4) for this one. While dude 1 sits in the People’s Chair, dude 2 hold a strong plank and dude 3 sprints to the parking line even with the bank’s drive through ATM and back to their team. Once he’s back, the team rotates throught the cycle. As a side note, we noticed a whole lot of traffic at that ATM for 5:45 in the morning, but remember, it is the 1st of the month! I digress. Back to the exercise. We completed 5 rotations of this before YHC called for a recover. Fun!

A short mosey across the street found the PAX in the parking deck, AKA Tower of Terror, for an unnamed but oh so fun round of unrelated exercises. At the north end of each level, the PAX would complete 15 monkey humpers, run to the other end and bear crawl the incline to the next level. At the top of the incline on that end 15 LBC’s were called for then a run to the other end and so on. Finally, once the PAX reached the very top at the end with no incline, YHC called for 15 derkins with feet up on the top of the wall (almost). Once that was done he called for a countoff to catch his breath and then down to ground level. The PAX completed 3 circuits of this before time was called.

A mosey back to the pavilion called for a short round of:

Flutterkicks x40 IC (for Stroganoff)

Dying Cockroaches x 15IC?

Newtons Cradle x10 IC

Nolan Ryans x10 each side IC

Announcements- Prayers for T-Square, Godfather and others.