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  • When: 07/26/16
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  • PAX: Brown Streak, Easy Rider, Fresh Prince, Top Hat, Rudolph, Spud (Respect), Bacon (Respect), T-Square, Mayor (Q).

It started a long long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, when the rebellion stepped out into the gloom. Everything that has happened in our lives brought us to this moment in time.

As time got close, six men were there to get stronger. By the time the warm up was complete, we had eight and by the time the workout began, we had nine.

I was hoping to use the field, but YHC had a backup and mapped it out.

We circled up and the disclaimer was noted.

SSH x10
Mericans x10
Toy Soldiers x10
Donkey otays x10 (couldn’t resist)
Morrocan Night Clubs x10

Kicking it back to the old school days, a football skills and drills thriller was on the docket.
#1 – block bear crawls. These were in the weinke, but YHC tried these the night before and were omaha’ed out.
#2 – high knee burpees. 10 high knees and one burpee until you get to 10 Burpees.
#3 – karaoke to the 40 yard line and back.
#4 – side to side shuffles to the 40 yard line and back.
#5 – suicides to the 20, 40 and 60.
#6 – mosey to the wall for some high knee chops for speed at 10, 15, and 20 seconds.
#7 – hip SLAPPERS 10 OYO.
#8 – high knees to the 20 and sprint to the 40 and back.

Rinse and repeat.

What would a workout be without some core work.
Circle up for some French fries slow count x8, little baby flutter crunches x20, dancing chilicutts IC x10 and finished with a wave of Mericans x5.

Twice we had to get a count, I took some time to express my gratitude to everyone at F3 that push me to be a better man for not just me or my family, but for everyone. Rudolph took some time for a brief devotion on how F3 has impacted his life. Hats off to Rudolph and Bacon for the motivation. Bacon should be Baconator because he is a machine. Much respect.

Always a pleasure gentlemen,