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Hushpuppy better get some contacts

The workout started at 5:29 pm, with YHC’s standard disclaimer as I suggested the pax get back in the car and go home. None took me up on the suggestion so the workout began.
The warmup:
Mosey to KFC for some breakfast rocks. As YHC led the PAX down the road, I looked over my shoulder, saw no car, looked up the road, saw no car, turned to cross the street and there was a car! The pack of PAX had obstructed my view. Thanks to the driver for good breaks. Once everyone grabbed a rock we were then over to the empty parking lot for the warmup.
SSH x 25 IC
LBC’s x 15 IC
Dying Cockroach x 15 IC
At this point I looked across the parking lot towards the restuarant in the small shopping plaza, and I saw what appeared to be a statue of a penguin holding a surfboard in front of the restaurant. I asked “I don’t have my glasses, is that a statue of a penguin holding a surfboard? Or an overflowing trashcan?”  No, I was not hallucinating, I thought it was a little playful statue in front of the restaurant! Then it moved. It was a person sitting on a bench, and the bench had a large oval on the back of it.
Imperial walkers X 15 IC
Merkins X 10 IC
After several minutes of trying to count cadence and laugh at myself, it was time for tha thang:
Mosey with rock around the parking lot to a big open wall.
People’s chair with rock on lap until YHC counted 15 mississippi’s under his breath,
Then hold the rock out front for 15 Mississippi’s, then over the head presses 25 X OYO.
Recover, then lunge walk short distance across parking lot and return to wall, wash, rinse, repeat of the people’s chair. AsI Mississippi’d it gave me plenty of time to ponder the mornings misfortune and the fact that I called another human being who was probably not in the best place in life, an overflowing trashcan. Not cool. Hope they didn’t’ hear.
After another round of the people’s chair, mosey 1 lap around the parking lot and return to the wall. For chair, lunge walk, chair, mosey.
This was repeated 3 times, with a couple sets of Mike Tyson’s thrown in for fun.
Then, we moseyed to the end of some parking spaces and lined up on the yellow line for 7’s. Did squats on one end with the rock, mosey’d to other end of
parking spaces and did merkins. Once complete, we mosey’d back to KFC to drop off the rocks in the culvert and found a step for some dips.
Dips x 13 IC
Then the Pledge was made, and mosey’d down the street to a field full of boulders.
The Q ridiculously called lunge walk across the field doing a burpee at every other boulder. As we crossed the field the people’s chair was burning strong in our legs so an Omaha was called for the return trip. Bear crawl with a merkin at every boulder! This also was surprisingly hard on the quads and some of us may have skipped a few boulders. . . As everyone else completed Dr. Feelgood was still diligently pressing at every boulder, determined to complete the exercise without modification so YHC and some others joined him and finished out, making up for what some of us skipped. Then it was back to the starting point for 6 minutes of Mary to finish out the workout!
Announcements: Habitat build next 3 Saturdays, 9am after coffeerama, contact Whoopee. Q needed for the Storm on Monday Labor day, Contact Defib. Monroe Launch is October 8th, Hushpuppy is participating and would like some Pax to travel with him.
Prayer requests, T-Square and family, Several people battling cancer, kids returning to school, prayers for students and teachers.

get to know your bro

6 took to the gloom at Folsom this morning. 6 took the #DRP and resisted the comforts of the fartsack, although not all in attendance resisted the comforts of a fart.

conditions: 73, little muggy.

warmups: CDD x 30IC, good morning x 25IC, Moroccan nightclubs x 65IC (the plan was to do 30 but I continued hoping some of the regulars would roll in hot), and side trunk stretches x 25IC

mosey down to the bottom of the lower parking lot (sorry Gomer) hill by the concession stand for a little triple nickel. up the hill, 5 merkins. down the hill, 5 squat jumps. repeat x 5.

mosey over to the amphitheater for donkey kicks x 25. YHC asked if everyone was awake.  one pax said no.  ok then, 25 more donkey kicks.  this seemed to get everyone awake.  proceeded with ascending testicles.  planned on more donkey kicks and ascending testicles, but medicine woman said he felt a wasp on his ear.  YHC cannot confirm this, but in the sake of safety, we took off.

mosey a bit, drop for 10 diamond merkins.  mosey a bit, drop for 10 wide arm merkins.

mosey back to the parking lot for get to know your bro. YHC will ask the questions, the answers determine the number of exercises.  question one: number of kids. Belt with 2. 2×3= 6 burpees.  question two: # of states lived in. Roadie with 4. 4×3= 12 8 count body builders.  question three: age. Garfield with 38. 38 merkins.  question four: years married.  YHC with 8. 8×3= 24 squats.  question five: months in f3.  gomer with 2.  this wasn’t enough, so we added. 30 lbc. question six: birth year.  medicine woman with 1977. 77 mountain climbers. question seven: birth month. Belt with November.  11 lunges each leg.  after every exercise, we sprint to the other end of the parking lot.

circle up for rosalita x 15IC, dolly x 10IC, flutter kicks x 10IC, 5 one-legged double merkin burpees, a 10 merkin ring of fire and 22 merkins to honor our veterans.  we had one minute left, medicine woman called SSH x 10 to close us out. TIME.

COT: announcements: f3 the fort will be having a charity golf outing for one of their pax who lost a daughter.  medicine woman is working on a CSAUP event. prayer requests: YHC’s M will be having surgery tomorrow – would appreciate prayers.

BOM: YHC took us out.

nice work, men. humbled and honored to be a part of this group. until next time.

Philippians 4:13


A Little Bit of Everything

8 regular PAX and 1 FNG fought the urge to stay in the A/C and posted at the hottest AO in the Gashouse inventory. With most guys showing up right as we started, a short disclaimer then we start. As soon as the warmup began Lil’ Sweet EH’d a FNG, which is awesome. YHC paused the warmup, welcomed the FNG and attempted the “FNG version” of the disclaimer. He seemed to understand, so we resumed the warmup. The whole thing went down like this:


  • Seal Jacks x15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x15 IC
  • Moroccan Nightclubs x25 IC
  • Don Quixotes x15 IC
  • LBC’s x15 IC


The Thang:

PAX go to YHC’s car to get some junk out of his trunk. Some coupons for the trip (Small bricks). Then mosey to the picnic shelter. As the PAX came out of the woods toward the picnic shelter, some of them were attempting to play chicken with an oncoming car. The driver of the car saw the Midoriyama maniacs and decided to stop the vehicle for fear of totally destroying his vehicle! Once everyone reached the picnic shelter, the Q called for 10 (or 15 depending on how you count) Hail Marys and Power Merkins. Rinse and repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

YHC led the PAX for a short mosey to slider hill. Once there, all PAX mosey down the hill, Bernie Sanders halfway back up, drop for 5 clock merkins at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock (YHC likes these), bear crawl the rest of the way up the hill, then American hammers IC X10 with the coupons we’ve been carrying. YHC had originally planned for three rounds, but Lil’ Beast showed all the older men some awesome initiative and began a 4th round! Being inspired, YHC called for one more round, which kicked off mucho mumble chatter from the rest of the PAX. Outstanding work, Lil’ Beast!

Next is a short mosey to the closest parking lot for some route 66 CDD’s, then bear crawl back to start line to grab our coupons. Mosey across the road to the parking lot closest to the Flag. Q calls for a quick set of 11’s across the short side of the parking lot with LBC’s and Merkins prescribed. Mosey back to Flag for a little Mary:

  • Dying Cockroaches X15 IC
  • X/O’s X10
  • Flutter Kicks X15 IC
  • Finally, Burpees X10 OYO



Announcements- Still discussing combining Gashouse and Fighting Yank AO’s on BRR weekend.

Prayer requests: T-Square and his family, Blart (tweaked his back), The young man Freight mentioned that is getting married in 3 weeks and has been diagnosed with cancer, Floppy Disk’s M and her upcoming medical tests, Jerica Helderman and her battle with cancer, the BRR team, safe travels for Midoriyama PAX traveling this week.

YHC led us out in prayer.

Name-o-rama for our FNG. Welcome to FNG Miyagi! He pushed the rock better than most on their first time out to Midoriyama. Come back out brother. It doesn’t get easier. You just get better!

One thing YHC forgot- 22 Merkins for our vets. I am truly sorry for this oversight, guys. I did mine as soon as I got home. Please knock them out OYO when you can.

Outstanding work and rock pushing by all! Once again, thank you for the chance to lead a great group of men! AYE!

Until next time,





1st Annual Operation Sweet Tooth Charity Golf Classic Pre Blast

Please join fellow PAX at the 1st annual Operation Sweet Tooth Charity Golf Classic on October 22, 2016 to Help honor the life of Christina Latini, F3 Sweet Tooth, the 2.0 of Olive, Jager and sister to 2.1 Happy Meal.  Christina passed away unexpectedly on May 6, 2016.  Although she lives in Heaven today, we can help her memory live on for years to come with Operation Sweet Tooth, an initiative to help children who are sick or less fortunate and may need their spirits lifted and prayers answered.  Thanks for all your help!

Golf Classic details:

Location: Carolina Lakes Golf Club  23012 Kingfisher Drive, Indian Land, SC 29707

Date: October 22, 2016

Time: 11:00am (4 Person Scramble)

Please go to the following link for further details about how to register for the Golf Classic and Operation Sweet Tooth.



Big Papi



F3 Operation Sweet Tooth Shirt Pre-Order



#TheStorm – Godfather Subs In

With BA still on the PUP list, YHC was asked to step in and Q at the last minute. Here’s what went down:

Pledge of Allegiance


  • Side-Straddle Hop x20 IC
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x25 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x15 IC
  • Peter Parkers x15 IC

Mosey from SCHS Student Lot to SCHS Softball Field


  • Freddie Mercury x20 IC
  • Little Baby Crunch x30 OYO
  • Hello Dolly x20 IC
  • Little Baby Crunch x30 OYO
  • Scissor Kicks x20 IC
  • Little Baby Crunch x40 OYO

Mosey to Home Softball Dugout to collect one Cinder Block each

Round 1 – 200 Curls w/ Cinder Block

  • Mosey a short lap for rest

Round 2 – 150 Chest Press w/ Cinder Block

  • Mosey a short lap for rest

Round 3 – 50 French Curls w/ Cinder Block

  • Mosey a short lap for rest

Round 4 – 10 Blockies

Return Blocks and Mosey to SCHS Tennis Courts

Zombie Walk (Lunge, Lunge, Squat) half the length of the court the turn around and Backwards Zombie Walk the remaining length of the court.

COT, Announcements, Prayer Requests, BOM

  • Men are preparing for the BRR
  • Prayer requests for car accident victims close to several of this morning’s PAX

let’s mosey

8 entered into the gloom at Folsom. 8 made it out of the gloom, but barely. 05:30, 05:33 hit and we got started.

warmups: ssh, cherry pickers, imperial hillbillys, Allen Tate’s all x 15IC


the thang

mosey. then mosey.  then we went on another mosey. stopped for 20 merkins and 20 lbc.

mosey. mumble chatter, mosey, mumble chatter, mosey, and some mumble chatter.  stopped for 8 count body builders and the alphabet.

mumble chatter about the upcoming mosey. mosey. mosey. mosey. mosey back to the start and sparky doesn’t think we ran enough.  mumble chatter and a hat throw.  mosey. circle up for air presses, dying cockroaches. mumble chatter.

walked back to the launching point.

cot: no announcements or prayer requests.

bom: q took us out.

all told, about 37, I don’t know how many miles.  I’m also fairly certain I forgot to list some of the exercises.  I spent 6 minutes trying to find my lungs.

way to work, men.

Squats instead of merkins

13 PAX, along with the Ghost Flag, came to the Fighting Yank early on a Saturday morning, only to find their Q unable to lift his arm above his head. Due to a football injury earlier in the week (throwing a football with my 2.0 in a pool), YHC’s right arm isn’t working very well. Have no fear, what was once a well rounded full body workout is now a core and leg workout. Anything that was once arms and upper body has been changed to squats and flutter kicks. No FNG”s, so only a short disclaimer.

The workout went as follows:

Warm up:

Squats x10 IC, Don Quixote x10 IC, LBC x10 IC, Hillbillies x10 IC

The Thang:

Mosey around the block to the front of the Middle School, nice place for dips but we won’t need them today. Wheezy Jefferson x10 IC, Flutter kicks x10 IC, Squats x10 IC, Lap around the front of the school. Rinse and repeat x3. Mosey to the flag for the pledge. Mosey to steps at the soccer field for calf raises x10 each step,  Bobby Hurley x10, for 3 rounds. Next is 1 lap around the track with 4 lunges and 1 squat stopping at each quarter for exercise. 1st quarter=20 LBC’s, 2nd quarter=20 WW1’s, 3rd quarter=20 Flutter kicks, 4th quarter=20 American hammers. Stopped somewhere in the middle for 5 burpies in honor of a passing train. Running out of time so lets mosey down the hill and set the timer for 5 minutes. Partner up, 1st partner runs backward up the hill, forwards down, while partner 2 planks, switch off. Stumbled back to the nest for announcements and COT.

Prayer requests: T Square and his family, kids back to school and beginning of school sports.

It was an honor to lead and I look forward to the next time.


No Itenerary

Alright, sorry for the delay getting this BB up. It was a different feel rolling into the gloom considering Wednesday was nice and cool. It was pretty dang humid and lack of good air to breath may be an issue. Anyway, once Sparky finally rollls in, seven Folsom PAX are ready and along with 2, yes 2, FNGs!

Disclaimer, reiterated especially due to the humidity


SSH x20 IC, Monkey Humpers x20 IC, LBC x20 IC, Mountain Climbers x20 IC



mosey up to the tennis courts, line up, fast pace side steps slapping the ground and rotating sides at the end of each court continuing to the end of 6 courts finishing with 10 Buroees OYO, rinse repeat for the trip back with another 10 burpees. Mumble-chatter, And Dolph loudly excited yelling “good warmup!” No line up for some suicide merkins using the width of the six courts, 1 court and back for 7 merkins, 2 courts and back for 6, after the 4th court I realized that my “Ashbrook” math had resurfaced, but no complaints with the final run being all 6 courts and back for 2 rather than 1 merkin. Let’s mosey the running no trail around to the pond parking lot. Pick a parking stripe, and bear crawl across the painted stripe to the end for 10 twisted merkins, turn 180 bear crawl back for 10 more twisted merkins. Mosey down to the amphitheater for 20 Donkey Kicks OYO, elbow plank for 20 French Fries IC, 20 big boy sit-ups,  grab the short wall for 20 Dips IC. Mosey th long route around the lower parking lot and back up to the upper shelter. Step ups 12……16…….? Way to much distraction due to Gomer’s heavy footing on his bench sounding like a blacksmith shop. 20 Freddie Mercuries IC, 20 dips IC. Running short on time we mosey back up to the flag.

announcements, BBR, sign up for Q for September

Namorama taking time to name our 2 FNGs

COT, prayer for students and teachers headed back to school, continue to build strong leaders in our families and communities


Always an honor to Q you guys. When you have this kind of people around you, it’s much easier to get that motivation to go out and Push ThAt Rock! It’s always a blast and an encouragement everyday we meet for a good beat down!

The Great Hushpuppy Migration

Hushpuppy likes Dave Ramsey.  He recognized the need to live like no one else so that one day he can live like no one else.  Sick of paying too much in utilities he saw the opportunity to move to a house with less utility expenses and keep his kids in the school they preferred.  Expecting to have a month to move, he began slow planning the move, packing and yard sale-ing to clear out some junk.  Suddenly the demand for the house he wanted increased and he was given an option: Move it or lose it!  With 2 weeks to plan the packing began.  The house he was moving to had to be vacated by a bum, and once evicted the cleanup and restoration began.  Landlord replaced carpet, had some cleaning done, and as many improvements as could be done in 5 days while YHC and the M packed and the 2.0’s watched us sell and scrap so much stuff they thought they might be next.  The day before the move was spent cleaning up the bums remaining mess, and the morning of the move we began taking car loads over and put on the finishing touches. A Uhaul was rented and at 1pm Saturday the Minivan Centurions began to arrive and the great Hushpuppy migration began! Rudolph arrived first, loading furniture and disassembling the trampoline, soon Bandit and Goose arrived and the drum kit and dressers were loaded, and the week began to catch up with me.  As the packing commenced I realized, the time had come and passed for a coworker to arrive with a small trailer to help put a piano in storage.  No response to the phone calls, no response to the texts, and an heirloom piano that must be moved. Little did I know he was lounging on the beach for his anniversary with his wife and my piano was the last thing on his mind.  The stuffing of the truck continued, and by 2:30 there was only remaining room for the piano.  By this time Roscoe had arrived and the daunting task of rolling the piano up the ramp was not so scary. With a man on all 4 corners of the piano, it was carried up the ramp and set in place all while YHC watched with great appreciation.  The truck was shut and it was off to the warehouse to store the piano.  The M met another coworker to get the key to the warehouse and it was delivered about 3pm.  As YHC attempted to unlock the warehouse I quickly realized the key did not fit the lock.  It was the wrong key! The coworker apologized profusely on the phone and I scrambled to figure out what to do.  Whoopee arrived for the final push and 6 men stood around wondering what to do.  I gave the order to set it out on the ground outside the door and pray it was still there when the correct key arrived.  The caravan headed off to the new house and by 4pm the trailer was unloaded and bandit was dehydrated.  Most had to go, and declined the offer for pizza and tea.  But great thanks to Rudolph, FI-LO, he stayed for one more trip to gather the remaining belongings and stuff the truck one last time.

Oh, and after dropping off the Uhaul, M and I returned to the warehouse to find the piano safe and sound.  It was rolled inside and stored for the future.  The grandmother who passed it on said “I want it to go your wife, where it is sure to continue to make music for the Lord” thanks to these men, it shall.

Now a week later, I have retrieved my final belongings I forgot; winter and Christmas stuff from the Attic, basketball goal, and my old neighbor gave me a riding lawnmower as a parting gift.  A church brother helped me retrieve this with a truck and trailer.

Thank you to all those who showed up. Many I have known for a decade, people whom I have helped several times were a No-Show, but my brothers in the shield lock showed up strong and I will ever be grateful.


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