10 Men showed to test their fitness level at Midoriyama today. After watching the 2015 Crossfit documentary on Netflix with Floppy Disk I decided to come up with our own mini game for a workout. The idea was to have various stations you would have to complete over a distance. Being F3 I decided we could do ours with partners to help push one another. It also means you can’t stop. So more work is done during a shorter period of time.


SSH x 40ic(yes 40ic!) I justed wanted to see how far we could go before people started questioning me.

Don Quixte x 10ic

Imperial Walkers x 10ic

Hillbillies x 10ic

Merkin x 10ic


Mosey to the outside of the fence of the baseball outfield.

The Thang:

8 stations were set up from one corner of the outfield following the fence to the other corner. They were spread out about 25 short man steps. Partner 1 starts the 1st exercise then moves to number 2. Partner 2 then begins the 1st exercise. Partner 1 can not move ahead until partner 2 gets to him. While you wait you either plank, Al Gore or hold a block overhead. At the end partner 1 planks while partner 2 finishes the last exercise then they both finish the lap around the ball field via mosey/race the other teams if you will.

Station 1-Merkin x 30

Station 2-Curls w/block x 40

Station 3-WWI x 20

Station 4-Woodchop w/block x 20

Station 5-IN/Outs x 25

Station 6-Overhead Press w/block x 40

Station 7-Squats x 30

Station 8-Blockee x 15

We did one round of this and had time for another with the numbers cut in half. We then picked up the blocks and moseyed back. With a  few minutes to spare we did some more SSH’s and Don Quixte’s for good measure.


Prayer request, announcements, Ringo thanked everyone for being there and inviting him out. He is already down 10lbs. Keep pushing the rock brother! You’re doing great!


Great job by all today! It was hot as haydees as it always is this time of year.  It’s not easy to make yourself get out and do this stuff that time of day. I’m honored to be out there with the men who post at Midoriyama!