Saturday brought 12 strong men out to Stowe Park for the 6th week of The Fighting Yank. When the clock struck 7am, YHC announced that he and Radar would lead a straight forward workout that would push each of us and make us stronger too.



Alabama Ass Kickers x18 IC

Morrocan Night Clubs x 20 IC

Seal Jacks x15 IC

Don Quixote x10 IC

Goofballs x15IC

Plank Jacks x15IC

After the warmup,Sargento called for a mosey and the PAX obliged. After about 100 yards YHC stopped the mosey so they didn’t miss the chance for short session of Monkey Humpers on the street corner. Plenty of mumble chatter followed for the rest of the mosey on the way to the first stage of the main event.

The Thang

In front of the middle school, Sargento announced a round of 11’s. On one end the PAX performed dips, then bear crawled to the other end for lunges. After this strong work and a couple of rounds of count offs to catch our breath, Radar announced a mosey down to the field behind the school.

Radar called out everyone’s favorite cartoon girl Dora 123! The PAX paired up for cumulative totals of 100 merkins, 200 LBCs and 300 squats. Partner 1 performed the exercises while partner 2 ran to the soccer goal near the other side of the field.

Next ,YHC gave instructions for the PAX to line up head to heel in the plank position for the Bear Crawl Inch Worm. Plenty of comedic mumble chatter and slow crawling for a while ended up in a merciful shout of a jail break.

On the other end of the field, Radar gave the order for the PAX to line up in a plank line for the Tunnel of Love. Throughout this exercise, there was mucho mumble chatter, flopping and general messing around until YHC ended the misery.

After a short mosey, the final exercise was announced. The Princess Tea Party is a round of Patty Cake Merkins x10 IC followed by the Partners Peoples Chair. The quality of the peoples chair and length of time was really questionable but still worth a try. Try something else next time.

One final mosey to the flag left time for some flutterkicks before time was called.

Great work today men! My guess is that with all the mumble chatter and joking that went around from the very beginning of the workout, you all had a good time! My hat goes off to Radar for stepping up and leading a great workout. Aye! We need more of that to keep this AO strong and growing.