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  • When: 07/26/16
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  • QIC: Freight
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  • PAX: Blart, Tool time, Def Leopard (respect), Slaw, Tyson, Pizza Man, Lil' Sweet (FNG)

Going into today’s workout the only thing I knew was it was going to be HOT! I had absolutely nothing planed. I knew there was a new hill I wanted to check out but that was it. The warmup was a sure sign as we did some odd numbers. I don’t think Def Leopard liked my no idea announcement because when I called the first exercise his stance had a little bit of SASS!


SSH x 26ic

Morroccan Nightclubs x who knows?

Merkins x 11ic

LBC’s x 9ic

Freddy Mercury x 12 I think?

Don Quixte x ?

Blart came rolling so we  did some Sealjacks x some odd number?

Peter Parker x 7 maybe?

Man it sure is hot out here!

Mosey to the far soccer field near the dog park.

The Thang:

Standing at the bottom of the hill I wanted to check out there was some debate about how it compared to some of the others we use. It was decided the best way to tell was to run it a few times. We ran up and back down and did 20 of certain exercises after each run.

LBFC’s, Sumo Squat Jumps, Diamond Merkins, WWI Situps, Parker Peters. So that’s 5 trips up and down. I think that was all? I heard Pizza Man say 1 mile traveled so far. Man it’s hot! Why do we have to cut down all the trees to build a park?

Started the mosey back and I was thinking we could hit the playground for some pullups then I noticed a wall in the shade. Nothing beats good wall work!

Ascending Testicles with 10 count holds going up then back down.

Donkey Kicks x 10ic

Australian Mtn Climbers x 10ic

Hmmm. I feel like I’m missing something else here?

Anyway, mosey on back to the flag for a drink of water before we fall out!

We pulled out some blocks and partnered up. Luckily I brought some because someone found our stash of 10 blocks and only left us one! Really? Why would you take 9 and leave one? Did the thief get tired? At least we know it wasn’t an F3 man.

So partner 1 wall sits while partner 2 does 10 blockee’s about 20 yards away and then they switch. We got 2 rounds of these in.

A few minutes left so we did some Hipslappers x 10ic


Announcements-Advisory Board Meeting Sunday, BRR meeting Monday

Prayer Request- Tooltime’s friend, Def Leopards neighbor(2 yr old), Our Nation, Our grieving brothers.

Another announcement- I have thrown my hat into the presidential race as a write in. My slogan will be Why not? Do you have a better idea? I can do just a bad? Something like that. It’s a work in progress.

Namearama- Welcome Tim Rich now known as Lil’ Sweet.

Great job today guys. If I wasn’t up for the Q and you guys weren’t there I would definitely stayed in the AC today and probably taken a nap AKA: A Floppy Disk.