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  • When: 7/23/2016
  • AO:
  • QIC: Woodstock & Rudolph
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Spud, Monk, JJ, Blart, Ashpond, Ringo, Bacon, Dr. Feelgood, T-Square, Spider-Man, Poacher (FNG)

Woodstock and I were glad to lead the workout at the GasHouse, a Co-VQ.  The real fun part was that due to technical difficulties we could not discuss the exercise regimen until we met that morning.  We knew that we were going to honor Stroganoff, who was going to Q with Woodstock before real life had him taking his DRP elsewhere, so we shuffled some papers and off we went.  Woodstock had the first half, Rudolph the second.

Disclaimer, complete with “I have a phone in case this all goes really, really wrong” portion


SSH x 20, Merkins x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15 (which Rudolph mucked up the timing on…), Moroccan Night Club x 20

Pledge of Allegiance to Ol’ Glory

The Thang:

Mosey from the Schiele to the steps of the PAD and First Prez.  Woodstock took being the lead mosey-er in stride, but it took the wind out of this old boy.  But after him taking the long way there we landed.  We got a quick count of unlucky 13, and Woodstock gave the low-down on our tribute.

Stroganoff is famous for 22’s and the Wolfpack Grinder.  Woodstock was partial to the 22’s, it didn’t matter because both are equally vicious.  22’s are composed of 20 Merkins at the top of those long stairs, then 2 LBC’s at the bottom, then 18 Merkins at the top, then 4 LBC’s at the bottom.  That’s a lot of steps in between.

We rallied and found that half of the time was gone by the time the PAX got through them, so after Woodstock destroyed us in honor of Stroganoff, I asked for a quick count before we headed to the field for what I considered to be the fun part of the day (sorry Woodstock!).   To the softball field we went.

I’ve always wanted to see a good Wave of Merkins, so we tried.  My communication to the number and method was not so good, but what the hell, it made for good planking.  So we took a few shots at getting up to 5 and for a brief moment there was a fluid wave rolling.  But I got tired so time to move.

At this time I asked the PAX to get in a line with all facing me.  And I wanted to relate my deep appreciation for F3 and our PAX.  I didn’t realize until yesterday that it was one year ago to the weekend that my intestines tried to kill me.  And nearly succeeded.  I don’t think anyone wants me out there working out with a colostomy bag.  But I told the group about how F3 ain’t just about our fitness, but about moving our relationships, emotions and spirituality.  And I relayed the phone call from one particular Dr. in the hospital that I will always remember:  Dr. Feelgood.

Our good Dr. Feelgood called me while I had tubes all in me and said he got my back, and he’d hack away at the PAX on my behalf.  Many guys showed up to move my family (literally) and blessed my family with compassion…..Dr. Feelgoods lesson from ThirdF that same morning mind you.

So to honor him, the PAX and to mix it up, I say that the exercise known as “Drill Saergeants” now be known to our PAX as “Dr. Feelgood Drillers”  He is a Dentist after all…..

We chopped our feet and mirrored my movements:  quick turns, planks, low-slow push ups, monkey rolls, Karoke’s, squats, side bear crawls were all mixed up the in the form of Drill Sergeants.  When a few minutes rolled by I asked Dr. Feelgood to lead us, and he immediately went Duke-Hate with some Bobby Hurleys and something else I can’t remember, but it involved crushing some Duke player with his knee.  Good stuff!

Then I asked for a Wave of Squats, and after about 10 we had that sucker cooking.  Virtually no rest by the time I called it, and asked for one more attempt at a Wave of Merkins.  Those last two looked gooooood.

Time to head back, we planked in-between to keep the 6 up (great work Poacher), and landed with 10 minutes left.  Woodstock and I alternated leading Burpees, Freddy Mercury’s, SSH’s, Many Merkins More, Mountain Climbers, and generally killing ourselves until my watch said 60 minutes was up.

A true pleasure to V-Q with Woodstock, I just have to get my wind up to keep up with him, he’s a perfect Q’er.  Thanks to all PAX, thanks to the brotherhood of F3, and if anyone needs help moving call 1-800-RUDOLPH.