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  • When: 7-26-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Dolph
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Allen Tate, Sparky, Huckleberry, Medicine Woman, Hushpuppy, Gomer, Hank, Floyd

9 men overcame the fartsack this am to take the red pill. That’s the hardest part of the battle. Sparky came in hot to catch the last of the warmup.

Warm up x 15 IC; SSH, Toy soldiers, Mericans, Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Trunk Side Stretch. One more round of SSH for Sparky.


Gallop to the lower parking lot and stop at the beginning and turn around to begin the Thang.
– 5 crab cakes each side, sprint up the hill approx 25 yds to speed bump and do 5 burpees sprint back and plank till the six arrives.
– 10 Pretzels each side sprint to top of hill and 10 burpees and sprint back, plank for the six.
– 15 WWII sit ups sprint up the hill and 15 burpees and sprint back, plank for the six.
– mosey to playground for 3 rounds of 5 pullups and 5 twist mericans each side; twist mericans take a little coordination. Nice work men.
– mosey to ampitheater for 3 rounds of donkey kicks x 10 IC and 10 box jumps oyo. Hank asked if we could run a mile, YHC checked the watch and we had a .5 mile in so we skipped the remainder of the pain stations and ran .75 of a mile to wrap it up.

COT- Namorama, Announcements, Prayer requests for our country, Pasour family, friend of Sparky’s wife.

BOM- Medicine Woman, nice job sir. Thanks

Moleskin; Burpee sprints out of the gate this morning definitely got the mumble chatter started early and the sweat rolling. Strong work by all, TClaps to Gomer. Way to push it sir. Next time I’ll suggest gloves for the Donkey kicks. Hank hope we got enough running in for you this am. As always a pleasure to lead you men. Iron sharpens Iron; no better way to start the day. Till the next one.